Juan Williams’ Son: “I’m Proud to Be a Republican”

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Nothing brings out liberal “tolerance” quite like outspoken black conservatives.

Clarence ThomasTim Scott,Ben Carson, and others are routinely denounced by black and white liberals alike as “Uncle Toms” and have other horrible epithets thrown at them.

When Ebony magazine Digital Editor Jamilah Lemieux took to Twitter to attack conservatives, Raffi Williams, son of liberal media personality Juan Williams, responded to defend conservatives.

Lemieux then tweeted: “Oh great, here comes a White dude telling me how to do this Black thing. Pass.”  She had no idea that Williams was black.  Typical.

Raffi Williams was invited onto Fox and Friends with his father Juan, who defended his son and attacked intolerant liberals who spew hate towards black conservatives.

Raffi said, “I’m proud to be a Republican.”



16 Comments on Juan Williams’ Son: “I’m Proud to Be a Republican”

  1. The democrats are in for a big hurt beginning this November. The non-sycophants aren’t buying what they’re spewing anymore.

  2. Best way to fight these douchebags is to throw their own shit right back into their intolerant faces.

  3. Credit must be given to Juan for arguing the lefty POV so ineptly that his son had nowhere to turn but right.

  4. Hopefully we are reaching the point where there is only so much liberal shit a person can consume before he comes to the realization that it tastes like…SHIT!

    Score one for the Millenials! Score one for the young black independednt thinkers. Now, if Raffi can convert his Dad, then he has a future ahead of him in conservative politics.

  5. Juan occasionally shows some good sense, as with his book, but apparently the son is more intelligent.

  6. I’m proud to be an advocate of liberty, which is why i want nothing to do with the statist GOP.

  7. obfusecatenot :: I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, but I’ll bite.

    Pro Choice Republicans/ Conservatives do have a voice, I think they interviewed a group at a Convention. The media of course would like you to believe there aren’t any… but they’re def out there.

    You never hear from an Anti Choice Democrat. I’ve never seen them interview Harry Reid over his Anti Choice stance. Have you?
    (perhaps he’s changed his opinion or doesn’t want to upset the War on Women thingy) Democrats silence or completely ignore those in their ranks that disagree with them. They won’t even interview those Democrats that dislike Gay Marriage. You know they’re out there. (doesn’t Obama dislike Gay Marriage??)

  8. If anyone here believes a Republican landslide in November will repeal all the damage done by the jug-eared Marxist and his socialist/Marxist/fascist comrades in Congress, think again.

    The only way to shut up these yapping, liberty hating twatwaffles is to put a bounty on them.

  9. Dumbplumber, you’re right, but since Preezy Pen&Phone does much of his ruling by Executive Order, Signing Statements and such, much of the crap he foisted on us can be washed away quickly, like snow in the rain. All the czars, poof, gone. All the little Agency despots, gone.

    I know we are still stuck with the giant, steming pile that is Obamacare, but adults may be able to deal with it once the Crisis Child is gone. And the hideous legacy of FoPo Fail will haunt us for years, but if we elect a motivated Congress and President, you will be amazed, and lefties sill lament, just how little of Barky’s Preezidency will remain in place.

    The fact remains that he was only in this for himself, and appearances mattered more than anything. If it looked good to his base, but fell apart after a couple of years, tben Mission Accomplished. I look forward to the Journos screaming about how easily racist Republicans dismantled the Obama set.

  10. The Dead Elephant Party is nearly a wholly owned subsidiary of the commie-lib Dems. Color me, so-to-speak, unimpressed until I hear young Raffi denounce Amnesty, mass baby-killing (esp amongst his race!), anti-gun legislation, Welfare, and etc.

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