Kamala Harris on Fighting for Unions: I Will Use ‘Bully Pulpit,’ Focus on ‘Banning Right-to-Work Laws’ – IOTW Report

Kamala Harris on Fighting for Unions: I Will Use ‘Bully Pulpit,’ Focus on ‘Banning Right-to-Work Laws’

WFB: Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) on Saturday said she would use the “bully pulpit” and ban right-to-work laws as president in order to protect unions.

Harris participated in a forum on “wages and working people,” which was hosted by SEIU and the Center for American Progress Action Fund in Las Vegas. In response to a question about strengthening unions, Harris said she will use her “bully pulpit” to make sure unions are able to organize.

“We need to address that both through legislation, but also through the bully pulpit that comes with the president of the United States to speak up about the need and the right that workers have to be able to organize and fight for their rights,” Harris said.

“Let’s be more specific. It has to be about banning right-to-work laws. That needs to happen,” Harris continued. “It needs to be about fighting to increase penalties on corporations that stand in the way of organized labor being able to do the work that is about again  advocating for American people.”

Harris went on to say the presidency is about using “her executive authority” in a way to fight for the American union workers and make sure there aren’t barriers in place. more 

19 Comments on Kamala Harris on Fighting for Unions: I Will Use ‘Bully Pulpit,’ Focus on ‘Banning Right-to-Work Laws’

  1. California’s Curry Coon is going to Make America Mediocre Again, just like Osmidgen, but without the fawning press corps. They are chasing fairies right now. She’s fading before the first turn.

  2. Because it’s not 2019, but 1919. Robber barons. Sweat shops. Industrial accidents. Black lung disease.

    Yes kamikaze kamala. Lead us to the promise land of centuries gone by. Add rail and we can go back to a century before that.

    Very visionary.

    Don’t forget to add that we gotta lick those Nips.

    Wait. What? That means something different in 2019?

  3. I’m hearing echos of Obama’s failed presidency Kamala. Bully Pulpit? Forced to join a union?
    You sounds like another dictator Kamala.
    Did you conspire with Jussie Smollett to get your anti-lynching bill passed Kamala?

  4. So the Willie Brown sperm receptacle was at a SEIU hosted forum and she extolled the virtues of unions, just like when she was at the Al Sharpton race hustling forum and she was all in favor of reparations. Such courage, such bravery, a pioneer and a leader, and all so banal.

    Next up, a Planned Parenthood event where she will rail against the Mexico City Act, or maybe a Weight Watchers forum where she will be for outlawing chocolate cake, not so far fetched given her ever expanding girth.

  5. slavery is not known as being optional, and she will see to that continuing.
    Next, she would mandate that everyone be a democrat. I would see little difference in her actions. She will decide what is best for us, thereby saving us from making our own choices.
    If someone doesn’t want to be in a union, that is their right.

    kamala harris is an anchor baby.
    Why isn’t she asked about this? She is not eligible to be elected President, and would need to be certified by the dnc prior to running as their candidate. In obama’s case, there were two versions of that certification, circulated by pelosi, with one omitting the word ‘constitutionally,’ in referencing being eligible.

  6. Oh, by all means, feel free to take away my “Right to Work”, and let a Democrat controlled Union decide if I merit the privilege of paying THEM for the opportunity to support myself…
    Twice I’ve lost out on good employment opportunities due directly to Union intervention preventing me from being hired, and I wasn’t allowed to join the Union because I didn’t have the job. How’s that supposed to work?
    Screw the Unions! Who wants to work for TWO bosses, anyway.
    It wasn’t until I left my old “Commonwealth” state and relocated to a “Right to Work” state that I was finally able to make enough money to take care of my family without relying on the “generosity” of the state.

  7. Lazlo was a ‘Union’ carpenter for two weeks. Big apartment complex.
    They had me as a Cut Man, cutting and stacking wall packages for assembly by other Carpenters higher up in the strata.
    First thing they made me get rid of my 20 FT Skil saw cord that I hade made as it did not have a molded end. Had to buy that standard 8 FT cord that ‘complied with Union Policy’ and was shit to work with, especially ripping plywood.
    Then when the Laborer let me run out of stock because he was out in the parking lot bonging in his car, I went and got some lumber 30 feet away.
    I got reprimanded for 1, being out of my designated work area, and 2 for ‘taking food out of another man’s mouth’ or some shit because I did the laborer’s job.
    Then Mr. Union Steward had a talk with me because when they called for a break, I made two more cuts to finish a wall package.
    I left that afternoon, never to return.

  8. Just committed political suicide. At one time most government employees automatically voted democrat. After S/C’s Janus decision half those given the choice dropped union affiliation. She just pissed off half the government workers. This Affirmative Action benefactor and prostitute is not qualified to run the country. Takes more than offering sex to run a country.

  9. Hmmm, she could characterize herself the female (sorta) Obama with the added feature of misogyny-free plumbing (sorta).
    Not a whiff of scandal, either, I’m sure.

  10. Unions neve did me any good, I lost a job working at a state institution for the disabled and mentally handicapped a little over 20 yrs. ago. They fired me with one day left before my one year probation period ended, it was no big loss since I wasn’t exactly too happy with that job except for the money and bennies it provided. It was a sewer of miscegenation and nepotism which I couldn’t stand, if you were connected you were In like Flynn otherwise you didn’t get squat.


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