Kamala plummeting

Patriot Retort:

I was going to title this “Kamala’s going down.” But given how she made her way to the top, I thought that might be a tad icky, so I decided to go with “Kamala plummeting” instead.

Any old how.

It looks as those the post-debate boomlet that vaulted Kamala’s polling has imploded.  And now Kamala Harris is plummeting in the polls.

According to the latest CNN poll, Kamala sank by 12 points. That’s not a minor thing.  That is a free-fall.

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  1. MJA you naughty girl; If she wants to get back up in the polls she is going to have to go back down again.

    P.S. And take Jill’s advice, that should do it.

  2. Waiting for Mrs O to swoop in and save the Democrats
    She’ll say she doesn’t want to run but she has no choice

    Then the libs won’t have to swallow and vote for Joey

  3. Yeah She went down a lot. And she’ll continue going down. Imagine if she becomes President? Holy shit! Blow jobs galore. Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, muhamadans just love blow jobs. She and The Squad will have a fine whore house, worthy of any Senator or Congressman.
    They all make me sick!

  4. Kamala is going down fast with her big black ass up in the air.

    I deeply apologize for the visual. 🙃

  5. Who took Kamala down? Tulsi Gabbard in the last debate. Why? Because Kamala was TOO tough on the incarcerated.

    It was nonsense, of course, but celebrating Harris’ demise is undeserved.

  6. I told you these idiots are all place-holders for Mooch.

    That damn Meteor better get here before next November or it will be a very slow death for America.

  7. Correction for Jerry Manderin…

    Big Black Jamaican/East Indian ass in the air. That lady has no authentic slave blood and since they live by the race card we need to hold em to it.


  8. Is it just me, or does anyone else think her whining voice always sounds like she’s got a load of snot up her nose?


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