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Kari Lake files petition to take appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court

JTN: Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has filed a petition to transfer her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court after her election fraud lawsuit was dismissed. 

Lake filed the petition Jan. 1. 
The state’s Maricopa County court last week dismissed eight of Lake’s 10 counts. Two of the counts, which involved Election Day ballot printing issues and procedural errors, were brought for a two-day trial that did not go in her favor.  “I am standing up for the people of this state,” Lake said on former White House adviser Steve Bannon’s “War Room” TV show on the Real America’s Voice streaming platform. MORE

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  1. A better question is where is the US military?
    They supposedly took an oath to defend the constitution. Right now, there is nothing going on in America that can be justified through that document.
    It is time for someone to take drastic action. I fear the military is our only hope.

  2. There’s video of Hobbs being sworn in. She started giggling uncontrollably a quarter of the way through the ceremony. Really really weird. Kind of like I just cheated my way into this position. Giggle Giggle.

  3. Just as her prior lawsuit went nowhere so will this. She has no proof of any wrong doing. Everyone who wanted to vote the day of the election was able do so. All proper ballots were counted, no proof here either. The recount proved it. Hopefully she will now be sanctioned for all court costs on this lawsuit.

  4. They swore Hobbs in and I already set a national precident that once someone is sitting, all election questions are moot, now you have to deal with it. They all know it will wind up with me and I’ll shoot it down just like Mr. Soros likes.

    Now leave me alone, I have a fresh nine year old Joe just finished with to molest.

    I like it when he breaks ’em for me, and he’s old so the seconds aren’t all that sloppy, except for the blood.

  5. Giggle, her mother was there, pretty sure she was the one holding the bible. They both had a slight giggle moment, so what!
    Conspiracy 101 says everything is a conspiracy.

  6. At Brad, I don’t watch CNN. But you go ahead & cry conspiracy because there is no stopping people like you. Lake lost, the talk is now any future in Arizona politics is mute because of her being unable to concede. I hope they make her pay for all court costs this time.

  7. Ronda: the judge did not rule that there was no proof of anything wrong; he ruled that there was no proof that the things that were wrong were done intentionally. Arizona law does not make such a differentiation. Whether the things that were wrong were done intentionally or were caused by some quirk of nature does not make any difference to the law.

    Manslaughter is a lesser charge than murder. What is the biggest difference? There is intent with murder. Manslaughter has a lack of intent but has a factor such as criminal negligence. Just because there was no intent but due care and caution were not exercised does not mean it was not a crime.

  8. RadioMattM
    I’ve stopped trying to educate Libtards. They are to stupid to open their eyes and see the truth. Even when you place it in front of them. Any reasonably smart person would consider 47 percent of the ballots printed were worthless and not able to be processed a fucking problem. And drawer number 3 ain’t cutting it.

  9. Never the less you are wrong, no proof period! Case was dismissed because of no proof. She was made to pay witness cost because of no proof. It’s called a frivolous lawsuit.

  10. Helen Keller could of seen through all the election fraud RONDA

    Geez where we’re these people when they passed out brain’s? 🧐 Nevermind she probably went to the same public school that Cheaty Hobbs did 🤪

  11. WE have this in Vegas, and for many years. No one cares, nothing happens, D’s keeping “winning”. The Nevada D senator won by under 1 %, using all the usual cheating methods. All of Nevada voted R, but they cheated just enough in Vegas to outvote everyone else.
    With the same going on next door in Arizona, I simply cannot care. I will bet anything, nothing happens, no one cares. And the D wins.
    Sorry to be this negative, but this is the harsh reality.
    Yes, the Military “should” care. But so should the supreme court.


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