Kari Lake Wins Right to Bring Election Fraud Case to Trial – IOTW Report

Kari Lake Wins Right to Bring Election Fraud Case to Trial

GP: Kari Lake WINS Right to Bring Election Fraud Case to Trial! – Judge DENIES Motion To Dismiss by Katie Hobbs – Trial to Proceed WEDNESDAY. MORE

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  1. Kari Lake is awesome! Where the hell is the gop? Where is the gop that should be support Kari Lake? Where is the gop when it comes to fighting any voter fraud! Where is the gop when it comes to the J6 political prisoners? They are being abused abused, denied their rights, tortured! Donald Trump needs to be present and accounted for right fucking now!

  2. It’s not just the GOP. Tulsi Gabbard campaigned for her. I’m very disappointing Gabbard hasn’t stepped up. That would probably have the most impactful however, where’s Matt Gaetz? MTG? Hell how about Rubio? Well I’ll tell yo why they’re quite. She’s to Trump like. To Combative. Have Gun, Will Travel.

  3. Brad, you’re right, where is Tulsi Gabbard?!?! And where the hell is Donald Fucking Trump?!?! If there was ever a time to show up and support those that are supporting you, now is the time!!

  4. joe6

    I could see why DJT wouldn’t be to vocal about this. However, he should have instructed all of his surrogates to get after it. Big time. Including the asshole he’s supporting for speaker. I don’t get it.There’s something else going on here I think.

  5. McDaniel, McCarthy, McCONnell and their minions are doing what they’ve always done.
    Very little, unless it benefits them or the most liberal GOP candidates.

    Kari Lake isn’t one of the elite club of appeasers, she’ll be left out to dry and blow away.
    Just another indictment of failed GOP leadership, dishonest Arizona elections and the disenfranchised American voter nationwide.

  6. At this point, I see it as a plus that our fire brands like MTG are sotto voce at the moment. Kari is doing great even without the worthless GOP and McDaniel’s crap.

    That chain of custody is going to be a tough one for Hobbs to dance around. Once at any point along the way, those ballots don’t aren’t in professional procession, everything afterwards is subject to question.Those ballots took a tour of Phoenix, no way it can stand honestly.

    The attempted lawsuit in PA after the 2020 count also had proof of the loss of custody as stacks of ballots were whisked to the count building and moved from floor to floor, all photographed. And thrown out for lack of standing.


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