Kash Patel discusses Twitter and Musk – IOTW Report

Kash Patel discusses Twitter and Musk

If you’re not on Truth Social yet, here’s the link for desktop: TruthSocial.com
Truth Social is also available on iPhone, but not available on Android yet.

Kash Patel Sounds Off on Elon Musk, Twitter, and Truth Social [quick video]
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12 Comments on Kash Patel discusses Twitter and Musk

  1. When Musk paused they sale I came to the conclusion he was never going to buy it. He was just going to keep poking it with a sharp stick until it died. Dudes fun to watch.

  2. this part of “the movie” has been fun

    I don’t think Musk was ever going to actually buy twits-R-here
    twatter won’t be able to prove the 5% claim they made to the SEC
    I see class action lawsuits in their future
    if I was paying for advertisement, I’d lawyer-up.

  3. “if I was paying for advertisement, I’d lawyer-up”

    Hell James Baker is their numero two legal guy. Kind a makes wonder who number one is don’t it.

  4. Don’t kid yourselves the federal government is up to its neck in involvement with Twitter to steer the narrative and quell any opposition to their narrative.

  5. Brad and MJA – re: BillC May 18, 2022 at 4:23 pm

    Ouch! Both your comments are going to leave a mark.

  6. : me sittin’ on my front porch at GAB flippin’ all you muther truckers the bird:

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