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Kerry: Iran’s “Death to America” Doesn’t Mean They Want to Kill Us

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PamelaGeller- In a once rational and free America, this ridiculous statement from the Secretary of State would be met with immediate calls for his resignation.

Imagine covering for a regime like that of Iran, which not only has vowed to destroy America and Israel, but also slaughters gays and imprisons, beats women who aren’t fully covered, and executes political dissidents: behind nuclear talks Iran executes political prisoners in droves. Instead, the mainstream media hasn’t even covered this. The West is dying and no gives a fig.  more

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  1. So, “Death to America” doesn’t mean they don’t want to kill us. Who Knew! This should be a self evident statement but John effin Kerry seems to think that the Iranians won’t kill us if we just be nice to them and maybe just maybe they won’t nuke us. Oh pretty please. What a moron and a total waste of space as Sec. of State. You gotta be f***in kiddin me to believe this. Attn. you moron the Iranians will kill us if you give them the chance, they hate ours and Israel’s guts. I hope Israel led by Benjamin Netanyahu and with God’s help takes them out unilaterally before this ever happens. Otherwise the blood of every single American killed by these murdering bastards will on barry’s and your chicken shit hands and the Democraps and RINO’s as well who support this idiotic policy.

  2. In Hussein’s mind “death to America” holds an entirely new meaning. “Death to America” is simply the death of the America he grew up in despising. It is no wonder John F’n Kerry feels the same.

  3. How else to explain the wholesale sellout of this country’s (as well as Israel’s) security?

  4. Kerry has been a TRAITOR to America for over 40+ years. Why should he act any differently today? Oh and make sure someone gives him that Nobull Prize and maybe another Purple Heart. You know for that bike wreck in a foreign country.


    I heard a young halfrican say the same thing when he was running for president. It went like this..

    “..days away from fundamentally transforming the United States..”

  6. Wonder how he feels about “Death to Kerry?”

    Or “Death to Obola?”

    Maybe I’m just not “sensitive” enough to catch the “nuances?”

  7. Every time I stop and think that a totally worthless cretin (Hillary)
    is running for President of the United States and might win I always shudder and remember that two other totally worthless cretins ran for President (Gore and Kerry) and almost won. When this happens I go into deep momentary shock and hope and pray that it is all a terrible nightmare! But, darn the luck, I always realize that it isn’t and that forces me to sob uncontrollably. We now have 330 Million American citizens in this country (counting Jeb’s loving family of 50 Million Criminal aliens) and we still can’t find a normal human being to run and win!

  8. Perhaps the next inhabitant of his office will trouble themselves to pay a call on the leadership in Iran. In person, informally.

    And then tell them, “You know, we have some pretty sublime orbital assets in place today. They detect neutrons. They can count them. They can easily identify concentrations associated with powerplant fuel rods and weapons physics packages. And tell the difference. So, consider this notice. We see a weapon, your government, your military, your major cities get converted into plasma. You and your nation will thereafter only exist in history books. Good day, gentlemen.”

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