Khan’s London: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone, Two More Killed Overnight

Breitbart London: Hospitals in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London resemble those in a war zone, a senior surgeon working to save victims of the capital’s surging violent crime wave has said.

The shock comments made Thursday morning come after two more men were killed overnight, a couple of days after another night of violence saw a boy, 16, stabbed to death and a 17-year-old girl shot in a “drive by”.

Wednesday night’s killings, both in Hackney, East London, brought the death toll from suspected murder in the capital to 50 so far this year, pulling away from New York City, which London overtook at the weekend.

Dr. Mark Griffiths, the lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust in East London, said that knife and gun wounds had moved from a “niche” part of his job to a daily chunk of his workload, and a growing number of victims were “children”.

“Some of my military colleagues have described their practice here as similar to being at [Camp] Bastion,” Dr Griffiths told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

“We used to look after people in their twenties. Now people are often in their mid to late teens and children in school uniforms are being admitted under our care with knife and gun wounds.”  more here

14 Comments on Khan’s London: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone, Two More Killed Overnight

  1. Dr. Griffiths will probably be arrested for telling the truth. Free speech ain’t allowed in London anymore. But that’s what you get when you elect a wolf to run the henhouse.

  2. Fake news of violence in London. There couldn’t be gun and knife crime there, they have strict laws against weapons.

  3. Surely that’s racist to compare it to a muslim controlled area. Wait, I can’t tell if I’m talking about London or Afghanistan.

  4. More “right-wing-nut” propaganda to make the peace-loving, religion-of-peace musselmen look bad.

    It is to weep!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “a 17-year-old girl shot in a “drive by”

    fake news

    Britain confiscated all the public guns.

    so no one has a gun.

    because they have common sense gun laws.

  6. @ FDR: So did several of our Founding Fathers, who could and did bother to read about human history and learn from it. Today? Not so much…

  7. How are the pols supposed to start rounding up muslims now, after they defended them like their own children through all of this? They’re screwed.


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