Kid Scars Tractor Trailer Driver For Life By Selfishly Walking in Front Of It To Kill Himself

This “transgender” business is nothing more than a gay version of the facial modification and gauging ear lobes fad.

The Daily Mail –

Transgender teenager leaves heartbreaking suicide note blaming her Christian parents before walking in front of tractor trailer on highway

“I’m never going to be happy. Either I live the rest of my life as a lonely man who wishes he were a woman or I live my life as a lonelier woman who hates herself.”


Leelah Alcorn, 17, from Kings Mill, Ohio, left a poignant suicide letter where she blamed her Christian parents for refusing to acknowledge her gender and forbidding her from transitioning. In the suicide note posted on Leelah’s tumblr just a few hours after her death she writes that although she was born a boy called Joshua, she began identifying as a girl at the age of four. When she told her mother at the age of 14, she says she was told ‘that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that I am wrong’.


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  1. Transgender teenager leaves heartbreaking suicide note blaming her Christian parents before walking in front of tractor trailer on highway

    Somebody care to explain how this denial of personal responsibility is different from some douchebag abusive father who says crap like “You make me angry … You make me hit you”

    Externalize everything, you’re just a poor hapless victim of Teh Patriarchy, Teh Christianity etc

  2. I feel sorry for the driver and the parents, who will now be demonized by the freak faction, for trying to do the RIGHT thing. This will give the Christianity-haters something to point at and shriek about how intoooooolerant Christians are. It is confusing when one reads articles written by the enablers of the mentally ill, referring to Joshua by his fantasy name and calling him a “her”. What the heck???!!!

  3. I had a close relative intentionally step in front of a moving semi.
    Suicide by truck is more common than you think.
    We never heard about the trucker, but yes, that had to be difficult to deal with.

  4. It would be one of the most devastating events to lose a child under any circumstances. I feel much sympathy for these parents.

    Two things: Like facial implants and ear gauging, this idea that one is the opposite sex causes me to think that it is a mental illness that probably falls under a broader category of self-mutilation. What troubles me a lot lately is that only a generation ago children usually grew a big, healthy conscience around the age of eleven or twelve and now I read that more and more kids are afflicted with mental disorders of all kinds every passing year since about 1950. What’s up with that? Sugar consumption? Unrestricted access to Tee Vee? I don’t know.

    What I do know is that most kids today have no first-hand experience of real hunger or need, or extending themselves to those who genuinely experience these things. “Community Service Hours” are clocked by sanitized experiences of “giving” which usually are made up of activities that primarily benefit the giver and are bereft of any actual sacrifice; to the point that most kids are so entirely bored and selfish and self-referencing it makes one ill to think about it. So said, it doesn’t surprise me this kid didn’t stop to think about the effects his rage at being “unhappy” would have on anyone else.

  5. I’m pretty comfortable with my assigned sex, and my body, and for that matter I’m okay with how I look. Sure, no one is perfect, but that’s what makes us individuals. I have yet to take a selfie, nor has the desire ever presented itself. Further, if I were insecure with myself, I would think to put myself on display would be my own embarassment. Pictures of me are reserved for others to take, for them, not for me me me me…. It just doesn’t make sense…?

  6. Abigail, I think both aberrations are due to nonstop early brainwashing by cultural and other “authorities” — schools echoing the latest lefty garbage, such as the gender-confusion bullcrap, in textbooks, “health” classes, etc. — and the overwhelming lefty determination to keep youngsters from accepting anything that runs counter to their fetid agenda. Notice how lefties jeer at anything that doesn’t fit their program (when they can’t boycott or legislate it out of existence). They also ridicule and viciously insult individuals who don’t fall into line. Those who fall into line and propagate the progtard agenda (enabling remunerative employment of otherwise useless morons in education and politics and social services) are rewarded by being able to get free shit and act out like assholes their entire lives.

    This idiotic lefty agenda saturates our culture. Kids brought up wholly in this environment (getting it reinforced at home) are fine with it. Kids who get alternative messages, like this poor teen, are horribly conflicted.

    “Selflessness” is totally foreign to the infantile left and its creations, hence the fall in true Christian charity — the real, sometimes difficult or unpleasant, sustained, and essentially anonymous kind. You’re spot-on about the bogus kind.

    Kids have been indoctrinated with this crap since they fell into the hands of the school district (or maybe even their pediatricians and earliest day care). Who are they going to believe, their 2 feeble parents or the huge robust unanimous chorus outside in the big world? We tend to forget that these kids don’t have the mental equipment to sort out good from bad or intelligent from stupid — the schools made sure to cripple their brains early.

  7. If one wants to commit suicide for whatever reason, to get back at mama/dada or “the world,” or G_D even, then do so; just don’t involve a third party. Take a swanny off the French King Bridge, drive your car into a bridge abutment at speed, or hang yourself in the basement…but kindly leave the rest of us out of it.

    We all have our own concerns in life. We don’t need to mind some other persons concerns as well.

  8. This is a local story to me and none of the local TV stations are reporting on the fact that the kid was a tranny. Instead: “a sweet, talented, tender-hearted 17-year-old” is all they’re saying. It’s not the first time I’ve had to go to national/international news to get the whole story.

  9. The key to this young man’s disorder is ironically found in the article. By referring to him as “her” and blaming the “Christian parents” for his suicide. Popular culture has replaced Christian judeau values. Self mutilation, self loathing, suicide, all the result of us losing the values that once made us great.

  10. Time for parents to take back what’s being taught to their children, if the government schools are teaching crap they’re going to grow up with crap brains, home school or private school.

  11. Maybe some of this transgender stuff is baloney but there are people who suffer because of this. Read the book Second Serve many years ago there was also a movie with Vanessa Redgrave about the famous case of a skilled ophthalmologist surgeon and talented tennis player who became a woman after surgery and drugs.
    I was struck by how such a brilliant and talented person was so lonely and took many foolish risks because of his being trapped in a body that Didn’t reflect what he was. Of course back then there was even less understanding and you had to travel to Sweden to get the surgery done.
    I don’t blame the parents but it is too bad they hadn’t read such a book. And the kid shouldn’t have been so selfish and full of revenge.

  12. I have a cousin who looked like that when he was younger. Coddled by his mother, ignored by his alcoholic father. Effeminate to the nth degree.

    He didn’t commit suicide nor go through surgery.

    He became a Roman Catholic priest.

    I have absolutely no idea where he is today.

    In other news, my second wife was from that part of Ohio. She was a mental whack job too.

  13. Suicide is far more common than most people realize. My husband goes on quite a few such calls yearly in the modest sized city where he works. Multiply that by the four shifts, and figure that each shift (Firefighters) have similar numbers. Most don’t leave notes, but the families seem to usually know what tipped the scales.

    About nine months ago my mother took an overdose of pain meds which resulted in her death. She was in pain “all the time” from addiction to pain meds, and she had been told that they were going to step her down from the stuff. She figured life wasn’t worth it if she couldn’t get her affordable legal drugs. Oh, and she was very bored too.

    At least that’s the understanding we arrived at after trying to figure out what happened. Frankly, I didn’t feel a sense of loss. I would have liked too – but she had exhausted me over the years. The best I could do was to follow through on how she wanted her remains handled. I did that.

  14. I have a cousin who used to drive a truck. A guy who committed suicide one Christmas Eve, by driving his car into my cousin’s truck, pretty much ended my cousin’s truck driving career, and years of sobriety.

  15. Odds are high that pot was involved in this child’s mental illness. Emotional maturation stops with pot use and young users quickly get left behind their peers with terrible results.

  16. Again –
    If a skinny girl looks in the mirror and believes that she’s fat, we would correctly diagnose a problem with self-identity/perception and get her into therapy, not validate and encourage her on her journey into bulimia.

    However, If a girl or boy looks in the mirror and believes they are the opposite of what they see, we’re supposed to affirm this counter-identity and provide open access to bathrooms, hormone therapy, and the surgical addition and/or removal of body parts.

  17. Most likely Gender Identity Disorder, commonly known as Being A Faggot.

    Yes they punish and kill themselves for it. But it’s not Christ’s fault, it’s the Left’s for trying to mainstream a mental illness instead of discovering etiology, however politically incorrect, and developing therapies and cures. No, they use these poor sick people to destroy stabilizing institutions instead.

  18. My empathy lies with the truck driver and the parents, although their kid was obviously mentally ill. Perhaps they should have had him committed.

  19. Suicide by Semi is probably going to become a thing now since the fictional pop-culture hero of Sons of Anarchy chose this route.

  20. Kids his age don’t usually think things through. It’s about living for the moment for a lot of kids. And when things get bad, boy, does the situation get magnified. It’s the end of the world, and no one and nothing is going to change it, by gum! It’s too bad no one could get through to him that he has a reason for being here and that once he finds it and lives in it, the last thing he’ll want to do is leave this planet (at least not the way he left). But it’s too late now, unfortunately.

  21. Corona

    Its the long term state hospitals that closed.

    Acute psychiatric care, involuntary admission, common in hospitals with psych unit. Lots of them around.

  22. With the progressive Left in control of the school system, there will be more of this happening. The kids don’t know that you cannot change your sex, just like you cannot change the weather – no matter what those idiots tell you.

  23. He/she is a young confused person, a life is a life! I do think that liberal policies in the schools concerning sexuality are largely to blame. Adolesence is a troubling time at best – they need guidance, mental and spiritual, and they’re not getting it, at home or school.

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