Kyrsten Sinema breaks from pack: ‘Soleimani was a terrorist … Iran’s aggression should be checked’ – IOTW Report

Kyrsten Sinema breaks from pack: ‘Soleimani was a terrorist … Iran’s aggression should be checked’


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema seemed to break away from the pack mentality of her fellow Democrats in attacking President Trump over the U.S. airstrike against an Iranian military commander.

Rather than spout the Democrats’ immediate condemnation of the president’s actions as an escalation of conflict with Iran, the Arizona lawmaker believed Iranian “aggression should be checked,”  as she said in a statement released on Friday.

“The country deserves, and the administration must provide, a coherent effective strategy to safeguard our national security,” Sinema said.

“My highest priority is the safety of Arizona families. Soleimani was a terrorist, and I stand with all Arizonans in honoring the Americans killed and harmed by his actions,” she added, referring to Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. read more

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  1. “would she defy party and support POTUS” says it all. That’s the biggest part of the party not being actual free thinkers but why have multiple people if they are only going to follow the thinking of a leader or two. How about right from wrong?

  2. …this woman’s freaking me out. She came into office as a complete loon, but keeps saying things that make her sound like she may actually have some residual sense.

    ….unless she gets nightly vision of John McCain in hell and it’s slowly red-pilling her…

  3. Super, she sure does bust my initial assessment of her. Started to take notice of her at the State of the Union address when she didn’t follow the pack of morons she was sitting with.

  4. Democrats rank pretty low in my book, but she might be my favorite in a low group. I bet she can kick Chuck Schumer’s ass too.

  5. I could have gnashed my teeth and rent my garments when she was elected.
    But this one consistently surprises.
    A sensible democrat.
    How singular.

  6. Initially she seemed (to me) to be a raging leftist, now I’m confused. Is it the heat here in Az that made our “favorite” conservatives (McCain. Flake) turn into left-leaning never-Trumpers ??? And now Kyrsten has “centrist-leaned” (I can’t say right) in a lot of her actions and votes. Damn-it, I’m really confused….but remain skeptical…

  7. Supernightshade- She won AZ because she spent time with the military vets and waved American Flags during the primary.She made herself available to loons and normals. She did much more than McSally (McCain’s pick) did.
    If Sinema is the dem’s version of McCain, so be it.
    But like McCain we’ll see what she says tomorrow.


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