LA: Col. Rob Maness responds to Hillary’s anti-2A stance


“Every individual does have a Constitutional right to bear arms. Not only do we have a Constitutionally right to bear arms, we have a natural right to bear arms from our creator. And no politician — not even you, Mrs. Clinton — can ever take that right away from us,” Maness declares.

“While limousine liberals like you ride around with your armed bodyguards for protection, us average citizens don’t have that luxury. And we need the Second Amendment ourselves and our families. And we will keep doing that no matter what any out of touch, anti-gun zealots have to say about it. I’ll be damned if I’m ever allow some politician or government bureaucrat get in the way of me and being able to protect my family,” he said as he racks a round into the chamber.

“’Shall not be infringed’ means exactly what it says,” Maness concludes.

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  1. The 2nd amendment “right” is infringed upon when you must fill out government forms, background checks, apply, be approved and pay for a permit to exercise your God given rights of self defense.

  2. “Shall not be infringed means exactly that.”

    Right. Which is why I consider “gun-free” zones unconstitutional. If I carried, I would not respect such zones.

  3. Hilary you ignorant slut,
    Go ahead and attempt to infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights.
    Those rights are conferred upon me by God.
    You have no say.
    The Founding Fathers did not grant us this right, it has existed since the dawn of time, they just made it part of our Constitution.
    In fact, that amendment was put there because the Founding Fathers knew your type exists in the world; the power mad, the shameless, and the corrupt.
    Hilary, I call you out for the devil you are. You are an emissary of the One World Government, trying to destroy the only Country that will not stand for your world wide tyranny. If you are not the antichrist, you’re his little sister.

  4. If you can’t afford a mercenary company, you don’t deserve to live. Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to live. You do have the right to work hard for those that can afford their own mercenary companies, until they agree to give you enough of their money, that you can afford your own mercenary company. But that is a perq they offer you, not a right.

  5. Our constitution purposefully created a classless society.
    It is illegal to create a class of people with rights not held by all the people. As such, giving politicians the right to armed defense everywhere they go is a crime unless that same right is allowed of all of us.
    This is not corruption, it is criminality.

  6. The best way to beat these anti-gun shitbags is to just ignore any legislation that is passed concerning gun rights. Civil disobedience works. Using your wallet also works.
    I live in a constitutional carry state, and I also have a CCW permit. I both openly carry and concealed carry. I like that it pisses off people, it’s in their faces. Where I live, businesses that are Anti-gun will put a sticker in the window of a silhouette of a gun with a red circle and slash to denote that guns are not allowed. I have a choice, if the business is one that is necessary for something I do or require, I conceal, do my business and leave, if it’s a place like a restaurant, I will not give them my business, and neither do my friends and family, and I damn sure let them know why. (I’m nobody’s victim) Not surprisingly, many of these businesses have changed their ways and now allow firearm carry.

    As for any possible confiscation or national registration, not gonna happen. Before he was elected, we got verbal confirmation from our county Sheriff that he is a 2nd Amendment supporter, and he has also stated that he will ignore any confiscation orders. IMO he knows he and his deputies will lose badly in such a situation, as there are more of us than him and his deputies. Even the National Guard would have a serious problem confiscating guns with the armed citizens sniping at them from the surrounding hills.

    Basically, you don’t fuck with a community of veterans and hunters who know the surrounding landscape like the backs of their hands, as the U.S. military learned in Vietnam.

    If Hillary manages to become President, she will have another civil war on her blood soaked hands.

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