LA: Sabo street art targets gas-guzzling Arnold Schwarzenegger

American Mirror: The Hollywood Fossil Fool loves his Fossil Fuels.

That’s obvious after the latest street art by Sabo targeting former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared around Los Angeles County.

“The Green Police demands you do as I say not as I do!” the posted reads plastered on a Venice beach sign. see them here


7 Comments on LA: Sabo street art targets gas-guzzling Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Love the Odd Rods association, those stickers were badass in the 70’s. Then came the Garbage Pail Kids, of which I have the complete album of originals.

  2. Name one Hollyweirder who ISN’T a screaming fukkin hypocrite!
    Gary Sinise, Pat Sajak, Dean Cain, Robert Davi …
    Okay – so there may be some – but not many!

    The problem is – hypocrisy doesn’t carry any stigma.
    Hypocrisy is EXPECTED! Too many of us (yes – US) are hypocrites along some line or another that we excuse it in our adoration of the Personality Cult Nomenklatura. This bleeds over into Politics, Religion, Academia, and Business.
    We tolerate the intolerable because we allow our own imperfections to preclude our “judgment.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. If he EMBRACED hotrods – like Jay Leno – he’d be a hero to us overweight, balding, middle-aged guys again. I couldn’t STAND Leno on The Tonight Show, but he’s a “car guy,” so he’s “ok” in my book as a “guy.”

    Is Arnie trying to pick up hippy chicks or some such with this stance? Cos’ he sure AIN’T pickin’ up fans for his next movie… 😳

  4. It appears that either the Russians have poisoned Arnold with Pelosium or his long term steroid use has finally affected his thinking processes. Time for Arnie to hit the nursing home.

  5. @Bob, I don’t think Arnold cares about picking up hippy chicks. He seems content to waddle down the hallway to the room of the dumpy middleaged Illegal nanny who’s been scrubbing his wife’s floors all day.
    Talk about “low T”.

    Time takes its toll. Who’s to say steroids haven’t affected his brain?

    He was pretty much a soul-less scheming jerk in his 20s in PUMPING IRON. Money, fame and marrying a Kennedy did not improve him.


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