Labor Strikes Are Exploding Across The US Amid Supply Chain Chaos, Vaccine Mandates

Daily Caller: Labor strikes are exploding across the U.S. as the country faces severe supply chain chaos and divisive COVID-19 vaccine mandates, potentially painting a grim picture for consumers about to start their holiday shopping.

The COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain backlogs and inflation have given workers across the country both the opportunity and incentive to push for higher wages. More than 10,000 John Deere workers went on strike Thursday after they rejected a contract offer from the company. Theirs was one of 178 worker strikes to take place so far in 2021, 12 of which involved more than 1,000 employees, according to The Washington Post.

Vaccine mandates are also taking a toll on workers, with hundreds of current and former Southwest Airlines employees protesting the company’s mandate outside its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The airline was forced to cancel or delay hundreds of flights in recent weeks, news that came amid reports that pilots had organized a sick-out in protest against vaccine mandates. Both Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly and the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association denied reports of a protest, however. more here

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  1. It will give the FedGov the opportunity to consume the unions, as the Nazis did in Germany some years ago. The unions are already toadies and lickspittles of the FedGov, but that won’t stop the Feds – the unions in Germany supported the Nazis and that didn’t cut any ice with them – saw the same thing in the Soviet Union some years earlier. I guess Gov’ts do it because it works.

    mortem tyrannis.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Rat Fink, when you said send Jackass Joe a John Deere letter I thought of and just played for myself John Prine’s great honky tonk song Dear John from his album In Spite of Ourselves. We need to send joey packing and send his saddle home, that’s all she wrote. I miss John Prine, he was one of the greatest underrated musicians ever.

  3. If the Biden admin dares to try to implement an interstate travel vax mandate this winter trucking is going to grind to a halt and shortages will be the least of people’s problems when the shelves are totally bare and social unrest ramps up. 9 missed meals is all it takes for most people to lose their minds and even with the shortages I know a lot of people that probably don’t have enough food in their house to last a few weeks. But by all means continue building back better.

  4. It’s SUPPOSED to collapse.

    When you’re sitting cold and scared in your dark, empty, foodless houses you’re about to get thrown out of because you lost your job and your savings and all of your stocks tanked, you will be SCREAMING for your Communist masters to use all the force they want against whoever they please because you are so fearful and desperate that you forget they deliberately CAUSED it.

    It’s really pretty rich. You guys had all the power and all the guns, but you were afraid to use it, so we did OUR strategy and overloaded the system SO much that you’re HELPING us collapse it.

    Strike on, peasants.

    Your Democrat masters will rule the ruins.

    As we planned all along.

    Like the West Pointer’s hat said,
    “Communism Will Win”

  5. 100 ships waiting off the coast of California is not indicative of a supply chain crisis. It is a transportation crisis contrived by a cabal of politicians, corporations and union leaders.

    The Dems need us to stay in crisis mode in order to have any hope of maintaining political control after next year. That is why the vaccine mandates happened. That is why they choked the ports and will choke interstate transit. That is why they will require endless boosters. That is why they are doubling, or more, the minimum wage. That is why they are extending unemployment where they can. That is why they have opened the borders. That is why they are fueling runaway speculation in housing prices.

    Of course the unions are calling for strikes. Workers are tired of being squeezed into poverty. It is the logical progression desired by the Marxists in charge.

    When the Plandemic/Climate Hysteria enabled Great Reset kicks in next year, or sooner, it will get a lot worse than anything we have experienced so far. The watermelons know it is now or never. The last opportunity for aged hippies to realize a global leftist utopia before they die.


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