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Lara Trump for the Win


‘What is stupid is voting for a party that hates you and hates this country. What’s stupid is voting for a party that ultimately wants the destruction of America and I assume you are one of those people. 

‘Nothing stupid over here. I’ve actually done my research, I actually have the real information, I am actually not influenced by emotion but cold, hard facts,’ she continued.

‘You may want to get on that bandwagon because I’ll tell you what, it’s all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows now, but if something happens, you’re going to look back and you’re going to say, “Man, I bet Lara Trump was right. I should’ve listened to her.”


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  1. I should have realized an article in NewsWEAK was a waste of time.
    I read the libtard comments and chuckled at their stupidity – similar to the various idiot “anonymous” we get here at IOTWreport.

  2. From my perspective, the Left has a firm grasp of Stupidity. Stupid is standing with and supporting Biden and the DNC.
    This what they support: (Not a complete list)

    Biden’s family corruption.
    Hunter’s perversion and money laundering
    Hunter selling his “art” for $100’s of thousands
    Fauci working with China
    Harassing Americans who don’t share your views and destruction of the US
    Cocaine at the White House
    Propaganda from the white house, DNC and MSM
    Joe Biden’s stealing of classified documents
    China’s spy balloons flying over military Installations
    Depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    Selling our Oil to China
    INFLATION that hurts everyone
    Gay porn filmed in the Senate hearing room
    Biden flew 320,000 illegal immigrants into the US.
    Afghanistan Retreat, 13 Service Members Killed
    Thousands of undocumented, unvetted Afghani’s
    3 Service Members killed in Jordan
    J6 Political prisoners by a kangaroo court
    FBI targeting Parents and patriots
    DOJ and FBI Corruption
    Biden weaponized the DOJ, FBI and the CIA
    Open Southern border, millions invade the US
    Outrageous National Debt
    High interest rates
    Failed Foreign relations every step of the way
    Biden’s Incompetence, Dementia and lies
    $100s of Billion dollars for Ukraine to cover for Biden’s corruption and quid pro quo
    Appointing yes men as the Joint Chiefs’ of staff
    Depleted armaments and reduced the Military’s fighting ability and effectiveness.
    Supporting illegal immigrants over needy Americans.

    If you support the Above you are Certifiably Stupid.

    We readily admit, there are large numbers of “SMART” Democrats that ignore the lies and propaganda, follow the facts and are supporting President Trump.

  3. The media programming works on a large part of the population.
    Sadly, being charged with anger for such a long time, they are unable to see the truth.
    Ask them to name one thing he’s actually guilty of.
    Any thing they can name, leads back to this administration/self appointed royalty.

    The Communist Party USA’s directive to its members as described in the 1956 congressional report.

    Members and front organizations must continually
    embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics.
    When obstructionists become too irritating
    label them as Fascist. Nazi or anti-Semitic.
    Constantly associate those who oppose us with
    those names which already have a bad smell.
    The association will, after enough repetition,
    It becomes fact in the public mind.
    The Communist Party USA’s directive to its members
    as described in the 1956 congressional report.

  4. “From my perspective, the Left has a firm grasp of Stupidity.”

    I got wrapped up in that battle on Instagram between Libtard Central trying to defend Allen Richardson “Jack Reacher” and his Maga and Cop hating ways. Tonight his new movie opened, directed by Guy Richie, and it bombed. Big time. Yes they’re stupid. Go woke, go broke. They’re fav argument, “First amendment”. My reply, we have the right to spend our hard earned money where we want, and it won’t be with some one that hates us. The guys a Court Jester stuck in his own echo chamber. “They” pledged to support him. I guess not. The name of the movie is, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Avoid it at all costs.

  5. Lara Trump spoke the truth.

    She has more balls than the 112 RINO traitorous maggots who voted away $61 Billion of our hard-earned, extorted money to the Ukraine Laundromat.

    Why do the Rs keep repeating that bullshit “failed” policies bullshit?
    Those policies haven’t “failed” they’re succeeding exactly as intended: destroying America.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “What’s stupid is voting for a party that ultimately wants the destruction of America…”

    She’s speaking about the Democrat party? In the year 2024 and many of the years leading up to it, it describes both parties.

    Is speaker Johnson looking out for our nation? How about that asshole representative that left congress after the date that a special election would have been required to be held to replace him?

    How about my rep, Mario Diaz-Ballart who, although a Republican, typically votes with the Democrats? He just sent a bunch of money to Ukraine which in part will help to defend its borders. But our borders, there’s a problem? How about one of my Senators, Marco Rubio, who just voted to extend warrantless wiretapping? I could go on and on with this.

    Sorry Lara, there is no political party looking out for the interests of the nation. The main focus is giving the appearance of a different perspective while lining the pockets of the party and its members.

    She should be extremely careful because if she speaks too loudly and too often, she will be silenced. The boat, it doesn’t like to be rocked and it has the means to stabilize itself.

    I’m not jaded, I’ve done my research too.

  7. “When our country disintegrates, follow Trump intp the new promised land – away from the shit that destroyed it.” -12:10 am

    You and what army?

  8. Sometimes people say Don Jr needs to run.
    Up front, I’m against another family dynasty, but …
    Eric would be better just by virtue of Lara. Given the choice of Lara or Newsom’s ex (Kimberly G) for First Lady.
    I rest my case

  9. mystaclean – Sorry Lara, there is no political party looking out for the interests of the nation.

    I’m sure Donald Trump feels the same way, but he is also smart enough to know he can’t go it alone. It’s a two party system. By being an independent he can only act as a spoiler. Trump is a leader, not a spoiler, so he has to go with the platform that has the best chance to get him in power.


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