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Largest Apple iPhone Factory in China Rocked by Protests Over COVID Curbs

Epoch Times:

Hundreds of workers clashed with police at the world’s largest iPhone assembly facility in China, which has been placed under COVID-19 lockdown in recent weeks, according to online videos and workers at the site.

“Defend our rights!” workers at Foxconn Technology Group’s factory chanted on Tuesday night, according to a viral video that began circulating on social media on Wednesday.

In one scene, hundreds of workers jostle and push guards in white hazmat suits, while others scream “fight, fight!” Another video shows tear gas being deployed and workers taking down quarantine barriers. The videos could not be immediately verified by The Epoch Times.

What triggered the protests, which broke out in the late hours of Tuesday, was a delayed bonus and fears of infection, four new workers at the plant told The Epoch Times. Hundreds of white-clad police, including anti-riot police, swept onto the scene and beat protesters with batons, they added.

Seven or eight police repeatedly struck a person with sticks, and blood was streaming from his head, a worker told The Epoch Times. “It’s so dangerous. I was trying to flee when I saw the scene.” more

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  1. Shortage-inducing unrest at the largest iPhone factory in the world. Just in time for Christmas. Yay. 🙄🙄🙄

  2. I mean why can’t iphone build their phones here? I mean we have 30 million illegals willing to work for low wages, don’t we?

  3. This shows one of the main failings of communism (ChiComs). The unelected government dictates everything. This includes the Chinese covid restrictions. They have a zero tolerance policy. If anyone in a district is diagnosed with WuFlu, the entire area is locked down for at least 5 days and everyone must get tested every day.

    I do chat with a friend in the country, but I have to watch what I say so she doesn’t get in trouble. They have to take the test and carry a stamp that shows they have passed the test in order to go anywhere. Even with the stamp, they are not allowed to visit friends or family until after the lockdown local duration.

  4. “The China iPhone Protests” (late Nov/2022)

    As expected, the COVID-19 worldwide scamdemic (and control thereof) can now be conveniently used by a government to totally control it’s population at any time now (with or without a real “viral pandemic”).

    Now, many of these people have already been conditioned and trained starting in the late 2019 initial conditioning period, serving as a template for controlling any future resistance from the rest of the World in other countries.

    The rest of the World followed, with Australia and Canada appearing as the Western Civilization’s canaries in the coal mine. The WEF cabal (and other Globalists) now wait, observe, and conspire.

  5. My hope is that the current unrest will lead to real changes, all around the world. Canadia’s rule by force, and its premier’s love of CCP policy. China even, cracking down with brute force but leading to people actually fighting back. Same with Iran. The Brazilians protesting election fraud. Eyes opened to New World Order shenanigans, largely because of actions like the Ukraine War. I hope it leads to something good.

  6. LCD – I agree with you. I hope those countries will evolve, but with the dictatorial (wait, weren’t they democratic socialism?) rule, they risk everything to oppose. When our elected(?) representatives do not support the opposition, how can they?

  7. Yep – and I was discussing with an Iranian friend (now US citizen) last night, she mentioned the lack of support from 0bama administration in 2009, and commented that if Trump were president now she would feel a lot better about their chances.

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