Laura Loomer: “I will relentlessly FIGHT for you in Congress, consequences be damned!” – IOTW Report

Laura Loomer: “I will relentlessly FIGHT for you in Congress, consequences be damned!”

WATCH: Today I gave a speech at the Florida Freedom Rally in Orlando, FL where I marched with patriots gassing medical tyranny and communist COVID vaccine mandates. I will relentlessly FIGHT for you in Congress, consequences be damned! #LauraLoomerForCongress

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14 Comments on Laura Loomer: “I will relentlessly FIGHT for you in Congress, consequences be damned!”

  1. NO!! Consequences NOT be D@mned. I love you Laura, but that is not the right tone. You should run to overturn the crowd and the crew. Do not run to spite them, run to remove them.
    I am not sure that came out right, but …

  2. Lose the Hillary voice. Speak in a measured tone.
    Message is lost if you go into nagging/shrieking mode.

    I have seen it over and over again with quality female conservative women. Learn to modulate your voice.

  3. I love her. I love her tone and approach. We have a couple 100 mealy fucking mouthed House Rs and pray tell, just where the fuck has a “measured…tone” & “modulation” gotten us? I’ll wait…

    She’s the only candidate that I consistently donate to. Send some her way si. She’s not even elected and lost her last race and she’s out there fighting. WTF is Jim Jordan doing? Oh yeah, asking tough questions to google reps and then taking 10s of 1,000s of their cash. If the Republican Party had 30 or 40 JUST LIKE HER, Lord maybe something would get done for us…remember US? The ones taking it up the shyster by both fucking parties.

    She one of a few that use the same tactics that Trump used, that is confronting these fucking communists. Bitching about her tone is EXACXTLY the same crap I heard when people complained about DJT’s tweets.

    Fuck that

  4. I don’t disagree with the message.

    Delivery is the problem.

    Take a cue from Marsha Blackburn.

    It’s a matter of style.

  5. Most people don’t listen to the ‘message’ – they listen to the ‘messenger.’ PHenry, I said almost exactly the same thing about Sarah Palin. Her voice turned many people off.

    A few examples of powerful, female voices:

    (1) Margaret Thatcher
    (2) Jeane Kirkpatrick
    (3) Lauren Bacall

    You’re right. She needs voice lessons.

  6. Marjorie Taylor Greene is as tough as Loomer.
    She presents herself well.

    If you don’t like my opinion it doesn’t matter to me.

    I’ve seen the shriekers in Virginia politics for a few decades and the end result is always the same. Radtke for senate. Chase for Governor.


    All I am saying is keep the message and dial back the volume.

  7. To be fair, male politicians often suffer from the same shouting disease. Mike Pence comes to mind.

    Speak in a normal voice and elevate it only when you are making an important point needing emphasis.

    Pence comes off as a phony. Which I think he is.

  8. Sarah Palim sure as fuck didn’t turn me off. If you watch her VP acceptance speech and tell me you’ve got a noodle down there..well good luck pal.

    As for anyone critising LL, pay fucking attention. There’s a lot to be said for the even keel of Ron DeSantis but if we don’t have some fire breathers in our ranks, we got problems.

  9. Take it easy Francis.

    This is nothing but constructive criticism in the desire that all conservatives learn how to be successful.

    Look at Trump. He a master at it. Speak in a soft voice, speak truth, and only raise your tone when an issue is unacceptable or egregious.

    It’s the art of public speaking. And it is an art. Learn how to do it. I can’t. It’s not a natural thing.

  10. I dint find Sarah unappealing at all. I heard her message, not her voice. When speaking in public you shouldnt let your enthusiams overtake the message.

  11. Loomer’s fire and siren tone is just what is needed now.
    The Republic will be smothered by communism soon if partiots like Loomer don’t shout the alarm AND help kick the RINOs and leftist out of office.
    Quiet resolve doesn’t work against the Red Dragon – China.
    President Trump knows that to be true and acted accordingly. He pushed back – hard.


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