Lawsuit: Illegal Aliens Worked for 10 Years Using Stolen Identities at Plant


Some illegal aliens arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency last month in raids at five food processing plants worked illegally under stolen identities for more than 10 years, a lawsuit claims.

Last month, ICE agents conducted the largest workplace raid in more than a decade across five food processing plants in Mississippi, netting the arrests of 680 illegal aliens. That same day, though, ICE officials said they released about 300 of the illegal workers back into the U.S. on “humanitarian grounds” while more than 200 of the illegal workers had prior criminal records.

A lawsuit filed by Koch Foods Inc., one of the food processing plants raided by ICE, alleges that a number of illegal aliens who worked at the company had been doing so since at least a decade under stolen identities of American citizens.

For example, when Koch Foods handed over employee records to the federal government in 2008, some of those records included cases of illegal aliens who were employed under stolen identities. Some of those illegal aliens continued to work at Koch Foods until the ICE raid on August 7, 2019.

In one case of alleged identity theft, the lawsuit notes that an illegal alien woman from Guatemala had sought a job at Koch Foods after being released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) into the interior of the U.S. through the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program. When she was not hired the first time around, the woman returned three weeks later with a stolen identity from an American citizen who lives in Texas and was given a job, the lawsuit claims. more here

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  1. They make it sound like they just want a job with a stolen identity.

    Not to then use it for credit cards, buy cars, mortgages, social security benefits, get drivers licenses, etc. and get people’s tax refunds.

    Lenders aren’t as forgiving of innocent people who’ve been defrauded as law enforcement and the IRS has been with identity theft by illegals.

  2. Illegally sneaking into the United States is not the only law they break. In order to stay here they lie, cheat, steal, use forged and stolen documents and
    obtain services legally denied to them!

  3. I recall Koskinen testimony re IRS “allowance” of millions of dollars in fraudulent claims by “undocumented” workers, and the IRS position was “it’s just normal part of business”. No one batted an eye.

    Be forewarned tax paying US citizens…..if you try to fudge itemized office expense deductions, automatic audit and penalties for you!

  4. …not at all unusual as I have documented before, from the plant I’m in that is filled with all the world’s languages and more than a few hijab-wearing Muslims…it’s tough to get anyone else now that President Trump has the economy fired up so well, so the pressure’s on to do it again, papers or no papers…

    …I’ve posted this before on this subject, it’s still relevant to this thread, so ICYMI…

    …back at the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom, the company I work for did a lot of contract work with the military, and for various reasons including the fact the company was mentioned BY NAME in an intercepted Taliban communication, the Government decided to investigate our McAllen TX subsidiary for possible enemy infiltration. To that end, the FBI (back when they did things besides try to overthrow duly elected Presidents of the United States, this is pre-“Obama”) started interviewing folks and cross-checking E-Verify records against physical documents and interview results. They didn’t find any Muslims (THOSE were all in our Ohio plant), but they DID find about 60% illegal Mexicans (McAllen is a border town, so no surprises there). They booted all the illegals (again, pre-“Obama”, so you could still do that), arrested the HR boss, and pretty much forced the Company to try to repopulate, and ultimately move, the McAllen operation.

    They weren’t doing anything the whole INDUSTRY doesn’t do. Illegals are CHEAPER and easier to control (or were, you could once threaten them with La Migra), and generally worked hard, so why NOT, from a unethical business perspective?

    They never would have got CAUGHT if it hadn’t been for the war and the communication, so it’s low risk, too. Everyone does it, so if the Government ACTUALLY cracked down instead of doing show raids, the economy would grind to a halt.

    …I use this one guy as a bellwether for the current state of immigration enforcement that I call ‘Phil’ because he used that name in one iteration, and looks about as much like a Phil as a typical White guy looks like a Santiago. Also, he’s got this very Mexican feature thing going on, like if you took George Lopez, had him lose about 300 pounds, and whacked him a few times with the ugly stick besides, not that George Lopez’s baseline is anything you’d want to look at in the FIRST place. Very distinctive, and so individualistically unpleasant in appearance that you KNOW a merciful God wouldn’t have made TWO of them, so he’s a no-doubter when he’s in da howse, hairnet or no.

    Nice guy, though. Hard worker.

    ‘Phil’ tends to be there when Immigration enforcement is lax, and tends to disappear when it picks up. Our Company has changed ownership several times, but every one has hired and fired this guy at one time or another. ‘Phil’ comes back with a different name and different SSN every time, but is VERY recognizable and will also generally respond to any of his former names too, because ‘Phil’ isn’t that bright.

    …But he IS cheap.

    ‘Phil’ lives with several other Mexicans in a rental, and they share residence and expenses, sending MOST of their money South to family, where USDs go a LOT further. They are generally loyal and don’t make trouble or demands, so why NOT, from a Company perspective?

    ‘Phil’ isn’t there right now. He disappeared again in early 2017, but I suspect he’ll be back if Democrats get back in.

    Now multiply this by every factory in the US, and you’ll see the scope of the problem.

    ‘Phil’ is made more popular as the economy booms and the “fight for 15” crowd gets louder. You will NEVER end the appeal of ‘Phil’ or the availability of ‘Phil’, until you start arresting the people who EMPLOY ‘Phil’. THAT’S where you deal with the problem from, the HIRING end.

    …sending an exec to jail stopped THIS Company’s shenanigans for a long while.

    I bet it would work NATIONALLY, if only we were a Nation of laws. Unfortunately, as long as we have Democrats, we will have lawlessness.

    …so the REAL, CORE answer, then, is don’t have Democrats…

  5. One day as ancient Lazlo goes into the Social Security office to find out why I only got 4 dollars this month, I get told that the Illegal Alien that stole my identity to work has sued for a portion of my benefits since he has been paying into my account since the ’90s.
    I open a letter from a lawyer the next day announcing that I am being sued personally for illegally attempting to collect Social Security benefits that belong to someone else.

  6. Gladys

    Pleas read the article; then think! THE LIBERAL PRESIDENT IN ’08 was not BHO but his BFF GWB..They both belong to the UNIPARTY as evidenced by BHO keeping all the major GWB appointees onboard! Naming just a few of hundreds: Brennan, Clapper, Comey. L. Lerner….. last but not least Mueller!

    If you did not understand why GWB spent most of his working time on Amnesty; maybe after reading this you will.. But Liberals, as a great conservative from Cal said 50 years ago, “I have my mind made up! Dont confuse me with facts~!” Ronny would later be the best President in history; IMHO!

  7. Read KochLand. Koch Foods and Koch industry thrives in the gray areas of don’t ask don’t tell. Nothing more than modern day slavers…but they’re ‘nice people’. Koch is the Republican’s version of google and Soros. Modern day slavers and thieves posing as good people. And they OWN the Republican Party. Texans need to follow the money that led to the debacle of last legislative session because Koch was behind not only that…but ALSO the antigovernment response from Texas Tea Party. BOTH are pure Koch influence because Koch lawyers can slice and dice their way to wealth by making Texas governments
    as ignorant and corrupt as the Bureau of Indian Affairs. And that describes Texas Republicans to a T.

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