Former Scientologist, Leah Remini Shares One Of Her Experiences In Scientology

Leah Remini, co-star of King of Queens, describes the mind games the Scientology cult inflicts on its members.


Why Leah Remini Thinks Tom Cruise Won’t Leave Scientology.

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  1. Interviewer is not very bright.

    For years, for my own curiosity, I’ve made a fairly thorough study of cults and other groups for many years and have a fairly decent working knowledge to discuss most of big names and some small ones. NEVER have I heard of one that told its members they don’t have to believe what they’re being told. That may be the most bizarre and craziest thing I have ever heard about a cult, that they can tell people they don’t actually have to believe a core doctrine, they just have to obey the ones preaching to them. AND THEY DO. The cult of atheistic materialism is the only thing more insane, but not by much.

  2. I gots to tell you folks that if you’d ever look into L. Ron Hubbard you’d realize what a pantload he was. He even told people he’d invent his own religion and get rich.

    Ironically he was in much the same kind of situation the religion of peace inventor was when he did his thing too. Both were broke and alone but after meeting extraterrestrial entities both came up with “new” religions.

  3. Hans, don’t forget that Joseph Smith also plagarized and made up an entire religion for his own ends…”angelic” revelations, secret golden plates, unverifiable histories, stone peeping, claiming other men’s women as his wives, willingness to do violence to those who opposed, etc. Another striking similarity to Mohammed.

  4. Like I’ve said before I tried reading Battlefield Earth by L Ron Hubbard once, I didn’t even get thru the first page it was that bad. I read a lot but there is no way I’ll ever read any of his crap and I mean crap books. He was nothing but a hack pulp fiction sci fi writer and not even very good at that but he did he get a lot of gullible idiots to believe in his crap. If I’m going to read bad sci fi I’ll read Kurt Vonnegut’s alter ego Kilgore Trout’s babblings, they’re a hell of a lot better and funny as hell to boot.

  5. I recommend watching Rogan’s interview with Ron Miscaviage, the father of the current leader of Scientology, David Miscaviage. Also the full Remini interview.

    Rogan isn’t always serious or a consistent interviewer, but he is talking to people who were inside the organization and can witness and warn people to stay away from Scientology.

  6. And I always thought that when a person finally got to the highest level or whatever of Scientology they got the real answer, which is: hahahaha, don’t you get that this is all about imitating a religion, using the little gullible people, in order to get the same donation and tax preferences that are given to the Mormon Church, the Catholic Church, and the rest. That no matter how crackpot, all we have to do is get enough people who “believe” and then those of us at the top reap the benefits.

  7. They have never wanted to be called Mormons and they have never wanted to be murdered for their beliefs and they have never wanted to be driven out of the country by the government and its associated religious inspired mobbers and they never wanted to be unfairly and viciously attacked for their beliefs by those falsely claiming to be Christians and etc etc etc!

  8. Leah Remini has a Scientology series out on A&E…..

    It’s worth watching… can binge it on cable or streaming devices.

  9. “They have never wanted to be called Mormons”

    Funny, that’s exactly what they used to call themselves on the old commercials offering “free” King James Bibles:

    “From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…the Mormons.”

    Get your facts straight before you contradict me.

  10. “can witness and warn people to stay away from Scientology.”

    From what I read, it sounded almost like they run a credit check on you first. If you didn’t have the dough (most don’t) they wouldn’t waste their time on you, which is why people with money to burn get suckered. That could be wrong though.

  11. Early 80’s I got a paperback “Dianetics”. The first chapter, in which it states “The painful experiences hidden in your Reactive Mind are the cause of your fears, insecurities, negative thoughts, unwanted emotions and irrational behavior” and asks the question “What would life be like if the pain you’ve experienced no longer affected your abilities, emotions and behavior?” Chapter ends with “You would be yourself: free to enjoy life and reach your full potential. In short, your mind would be clear. That is the goal of Dianetics.” I felt so enlighten, so much I levitated the book into the fireplace and fired up a joint, realizing I was “clear” before I tried to read that mind trash.


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