LeBron has no fans in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Demonstrators Trample and Burn LeBron James Jerseys.

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong did not take kindly to James’ comments scolding a pro-democracy tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and slamming the American tradition of free speech as sometimes being “negative,” all because the NBA has lost money over its deals with China.

Exposed: LeBron James’ Financial Interests in Communist China Run Deep.

[LeBron] holds a lifetime deal valued at $1 billion with sports retail giant Nike, which saw its sales in China surge 27 percent to nearly $1.7 billion in its most recent fiscal quarter alone. James’ signature sneaker line is one of Nike’s most prominent offerings.

James’ standing in China could also impact the future efforts of his media production company, SpringHill Entertainment. The firm is producing “Space Jam 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to NBA legend Michael Jordan’s original film, which will seek a massive return from Chinese audiences. MORE

LeBron Zedong James

Patriot Retort: I think we’ve already established that LeBron Zedong James isn’t a genius.  So I doubt anybody was expecting a genius take from him with regard to Hong Kong or China.

Thought I’m sure those who praised LeBron Zedong James’ “courageous” stand against President Trump are the teeniest bit surprised that he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to an actual tyrannical regime that oppresses and slaughters its people.

There’s nothing like having this gomer tell us who is and isn’t educated. But he does that a lot. MORE

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  1. “…sports retail giant Nike, which saw its sales in China surge 27 percent to nearly $1.7 billion in its most recent fiscal quarter alone.”

    …and that right THERE is why Nike gives us kneelers and insults, and doesn’t give two fucks about what WE think of them…

  2. @SNS: and as Nike’$ revenue sources from places other than the US increases, we will see and hear them give even fewer than two fu**s what we – or the Constitution – think.

  3. Unfortunately, LeBron still has fans in the U.S.

    But hopefully fewer now.

    The NBA isn’t going to live this down except with their lofo fans.

  4. I interviewed a man on the street, Levi Johnson and his wife Laquisha, and they aren’t concerned about Lebron being a hypocritical cowardly jerk off. So i don’t think it will hurt him businesswise.

  5. I wouldn’t count on too many U.S. Lebron fans giving him the boot. Most think Hong Kong is either an old arcade game or a new food delivery app, and I doubt many could even find it on a map.

    A black man spoke truth to power ripping an old rich white guy, what could be more virtuous?

    Insulting your own country all the while praising a brutal totalitarian regime like China, the financial blowback will be minimal if any at all.

  6. I have been to two NFL games.

    I have been to about a dozen MLB games.

    I have been to dozens of Minor League Baseball games.

    I have been to several NHL games.

    I have never been to a NBA game.


  7. If we use the word Slavery to describe communism to the uneducated they might just get it. Communism is slavery.

  8. LeBron is China’s puppet. He’s profiting big time being a communist tool and like all comrades of a repressive regime, he will not suffer the effects of China’s destructive and deadly policies – yet. Hope the U.S. State Dept. looks into his dealings with China.
    Blood is on this ignorant, hoodrat millionare’s hands. He’ll have to answer to God for his actions.
    My brother, rest his soul, despised LeBron because he consider him a hateful, hyped jerk. I second that motion.


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