LeDuff: All the canapés in the world can’t cover the sour taste of Detroit in free fall

Deadline Detroit:
It was the social event of the season, Detroit’s version of the Hamptons polo party. The second marriage of disgraced former mayor and ex-con Kwame Kilpatrick. 

It was a ticket every self-respecting fast man would kill for — a wedding at the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church and a reception at the Hotel St. Regis on West Grand Boulevard. There was Kilpatrick’s contractor pal Bobby Ferguson, recently freed from prison, chatting last weekend near the crudites. And there stood the erstwhile teenage cocaine drug dealer “White Boy Rick,” aka Richard Wershe Jr. – looking smooth and tan, our little bird tells us, holding court with a group of well-wishers. (How does a guy who’s been imprisoned since he was 17 have six grandchildren, anyway?)

And who was that? There, being guarded by his security detail: Current Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, recently cleared by the state attorney general for playing favorites with public funds while staff destroyed about 150 emails to conceal his relationship with the doctor who received those funds for her prenatal health care program, “Make Your Date.” more

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  1. Detroit is just another African country. What a shame. They have destroyed a once proud and vibrant city. They destroy everything they are given control of.

    As with every large group, there are always exceptions to that rule. I do not paint them all with a broad brush, but the facts don’t lie.

    Call me a racist, IDGAF.

  2. Sour taste? No,no,no it’s the rank, unmistakable smell of death on a muggy 90 degree day.
    Shithole isn’t descriptive enough. Detroilet is the new definition of sewage.

  3. Lived within 50 miles of Detroit for all of my life until the move to FL 4 years ago. I was born in Detroit. We moved out in ’63. My parents were smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall. The riots were in ’67. We were in the suburbs and they were still concerned about it spreading.

    In my adult life I made it a point to not go into the city proper. It reached a point where I was not too keen on even driving through on the expressway. I most certainly would not go into the city now that the Dem’s are ginning up a race war.

    Detroit has been under Dem rule since 1962. They do their usual and blame the downfall on everything and everyone but themselves. Liberalism is a mental disorder that eventually ruins everything.

  4. Robert Mugabe had some pretty posh digs and gave kool parties, too!
    Same with the Castro Bros.
    And the Ortega Bros.
    Stalin had three Dachas and entertained lavishly.
    Hitler had Berchtesgaden and provided splendid entertainments.

    Every Plantation has to have a great number of slaves and a set of masters –
    Detroit is no exception.

    The only difference is that Detroit’s slaves are volunteers.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “oi mate, there goes the Mayor!”

    “Ow can ye tell?”

    “E don’t ‘ave shit all over ‘im!”

    (h/t Monty python)

  6. Why is anyone surprised! We have thousands of years of history about the efficacy of Africans to run and manage government operations!

  7. Years ago, the first black mayor of Beaumont, Texas was sent to federal prison for three years for corruption while mayor. He was an arrogant, pot-bellied race hustler and, naturally, the largely black population of Beaumont rallied around the POS. About ten days ago, the first black woman was installed as mayor in Beaumont. She is also an arrogant, pot-bellied race hustler. Hmmmm! I wonder where this is going?

  8. If I’m not mistaken Trump granted Kwame Kilpatrick clemency.
    Now what precisely warranted that on his way out the door?

  9. Trump commuted his sentence before he left office and I was appalled. I have never understood this.


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