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Lefties Losing It

What a jerk John Mellonhead is.

He gets called out to shut up and sing, but he loses it.

BTW, I have never seen a dumber guy in a long-form interview. I’m not kidding. He is seriously dumb.

If you can stomach Maher, you will see how stupid this Mellonhead is.

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  1. Fuck him. There’s no dealing with the left. And Jack and Diane where both dudes.
    Here’s another one to make poor. That clown that plays Jack Reacher on Amazons channel. Lot’s a people got hooked, pretty good show and that clown just cost the rest of the cast and crew their jobs. Flaming Lib. He did and interview and spent most of it trashing cops, Christians and Trump supporters. And he’s not backing up. In fact he’s digging the hole deeper.

  2. I saw elsewhere that he was actually telling a story about his 99 year old grandmother and not Biden.
    Regardless, your fans come to hear your music and not your family history.

  3. ^^^^ We were totally into the first two seasons for that very reason. According to the book Jack Reacher was 6’5 225 pounds. Not 5’6 125 pounds like Tom Cruise. But this guys out there.

  4. I’m glad he walked out. His political views are well known and no self respecting conservative would be there so so only dumbass libs got cheated. More of this, please.

  5. Funny thing about Johnnie Boy. His entire family are degenerate reprobates. His brother Ted is a convicted felon drug dealer. Where Johnny Cougar grew up is about 30 miles from my little burg in Indiana. Back in the day, when you drove into Seymour, there were signs everywhere you looked that said, “Hometown of John Mellencamp”. Last time I was over that way, they had all been taken down. Funny, that.Last time I heard, he was living in NYC & being an “artist” As a side note, General Malaise, dont call him a “cocksucker”, instead, call him “Napoleon”. That’s what people in my part of the galaxy call him, as he is only about 5’5! I’ve been told by those who know him, that is a sure way to get the little fella to take a swing at you!!!

  6. You just gave me the # 1 reason not to attend the Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp concert this summer at the new multipurpose outdoor football stadium in downtown Spokane. That and the fact that I can’t afford to waste $75 to $100 dollars just to sit in the cheap seats far back from the stage. I wonder if they’ll charge people for hearing the concert when they drive by the stadium on Boone Avenue. I don’t do concerts anymore, I’m too old, too broke, too deaf and don’t like large crowds.

  7. I knew something was off with Melloncunt when I heard “Pink Houses” Nice rousing chorus with real potential .. Aint that America, etc. Could have been a rousing anthem for the working class types you wete supposedly representing

    Oh, but then the little poodle bitch had to lick the palms of his Marxist masters and sing these oh-so-ironic defeatist lyrics. Yeah, that’ll pull the wool over the eyes of the squares

    And then the Leftist piles of excrement who managed him would call him a true voice of the people

  8. ^^^^ Last summer Taylor Swift had a concert at Levi Stadium, near me, I read that the cheapest tickets were $3200 per. Every parent of a teenage daughter within 100 square miles was grumpy for a month.

  9. “You don’t know me” has got to be one of the worst things an aging celebrity could say to a fan.

    Yeah, dude. They probably do by this time. No matter how much you try to hide from them.

    Funny how leftism come out as the uglies in old age.

  10. What a worthless greaseball.

    He fucked everybody out of money being a bitch.

    He’s an entertainer, not a philosopher.

    My wife and I went to see CSN many years ago and Nash started into his cunting politics. We walked out… with about 400 people behind us.

  11. “Who in their right mind would ever pay $3200 dollars to see Taylor Swift”

    Not even if she were neked. Well actually especially not if she were neked. A fucked up face and a twelve year old body. Lady please quit singing country songs. What ever happened to that gay foot ball player she was dating?

  12. $3200 to see Taylor Swift lol. When I saw Led Zeppelin in ’71, tickets were $4, $5, and $6. They led off with The Immigrant Song, my ears are still ringing. With all the crazy shit going on I don’t know if I want to go to a concert right now.

  13. Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher ain’t going anywhere, one the most popular shows on Netflix was renewed for 2 more seasons.
    Someone lost it bigly time & I didn’t even post his comment, aw.
    Losing it, seems so on a daily basis. Poor poor babies.

  14. “Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher ain’t going anywhere, one the most popular shows on Netflix was renewed for 2 more seasons.”

    Is that right you lying piece of shit libtard. Nice try. That shows not on Netflix. It’s on Amazon. You should go kill yourself. No really. You’re a total fucking loser. Even your parents hate you.

  15. You 1st, glad you watch my really big show. It was still renewed for 2 moe seasons gurlfriend. Glade your paying attention, bet you’ll still watch a real hero in action. You know you love it.
    Now just take that gun insert in mouth & pull.

  16. Johnny Cougar grew up in a tiny burg about 50 miles from where I lived. He MAY have completed 8th grade, but most don’t believe it. Much like Streisand, Midler, etc, he’s a mentally disturbed marxist who is certain he knows everything. When Algore was running against Bush, I made the mistake of buying tickets to a Midler concert. She sang & entertained a little, then went off on Bush. A little more entertaining, then crowed Algore’s accomplishments & brilliance. A lady in one of the front rows asked her loudly enough to be heard by many to please stop it with the politics and get back to why all these people paid to see you. To my surprise, she complied. Johnny Cougar is not only an idiot, he has so little talent that, only in America, could he succeed.


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