Lefty Writer Thinks The Right Has A Point About Spygate

Federalist: Vanity Fair writer T.A. Frank is a great example of someone who doesn’t like President Donald Trump but can still see clearly. Frank does not hide his political distaste for Trump. Some of his recent pieces on Vanity Fair’s Hive are “Farewell to John Bolton, the Only Man to Make Trump Look Sane” and “Trump’s Odds of Reelection Keep Getting Worse.” Despite this, Frank’s writings on the Russia investigation demonstrate a healthy skepticism that is lacking in much of mainstream journalism today.

Frank does not buy into the popular conservative narrative nor the left’s Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, but forms his opinions based on his investigating and research. Frank’s recent piece “What George Papadopoulos Taught me About Trump’s Counter-Theory of Collusion” demonstrates this perfectly.

Frank Is Fair to Both Sides in the Russia Investigation

In his most recent article, Frank comes to drastically different conclusions than conservatives might. He readily criticizes Trump for trying to dredge up dirt on Joe Biden and mocks Rudy Giuliani’s quest, but also defends Attorney General William Barr and the president for wanting to get to the bottom of Ukraine’s role in the 2016 election.

Frank explains that in 2016, some Ukrainian officials openly opposed Trump, claiming they would work to keep him from getting elected. Frank writes, “It’s not as crazy as it looks that Trump, in light of Russiagate, wants to figure out what was going on back then.” read more

4 Comments on Lefty Writer Thinks The Right Has A Point About Spygate

  1. “He readily criticizes Trump for trying to dredge up dirt on Joe Biden and mocks Rudy Giuliani’s quest”…


    This isn’t “fair”. This is called FALSE BALANCE.

    Some of the Federalist articles are real crap of late. They ought to stop trying to publish so many pieces to sustain clicks, especially the mediocre minds and the never-Trumpers and just go back to well-founded, law-centered quality.

  2. I agree with Janitor. This guys opinions are bullshit.
    So what if it slowly dawns on him that something is amiss in this slanted, biased crap show. He’s still able to sneak in his own slanted, biased opinions/media driven talking points while acting like he’s on to something and is a true journalist. Somehow this is worthy of an article intended to make our collective tails wag? That ship has sailed. We are growing steadily more frustrated and angry from all the vitriolic, hateful actions and speech.
    T.A. Frank can eat my shorts!

  3. Frank probably thinks the current impeachment effort is totally legit, but if by chance he does not, he will never be allowed to question it in print. Only certain political events may get the patina of “evenhandedness”.

    We are at the point in the show where the MSM pretends to “cover both sides fairly”, so they do things like give journo Frank free rein to write about a scandal from five years ago. Or maybe a screaming lefty network hires a token conservative, like Sean Duffy at CNN. Or maybe the elites create a whole new “conservative” news channel to co-opt actual conservative news presentation. Don’t be fooled or encouraged by this sudden appearance of fake balance in the news. You’ll be disappointed in the end.


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