Let Me Be Perfectly Clear About My Server…


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  1. What I particularly enjoy about HRC’s impending demise is that she did it to herself, one bad decision after another.

    Suck it up, you political perineal pustule!

  2. She’ll never see the inside of a prison.
    I doubt she’ll be fined.

    Obola’s part of the conspiracy to smuggle weapons through Libya and assassinate Amb. Stevens, and you can bet that Loretta Lynch isn’t about to allow the FBI to reveal too much.

  3. The woman that should, ought to, needs to, just go away, but won’t. Just hang it up Hillary, your chances are slim to none. You are a hated and hateful woman.

  4. Hillary “MSDS” Clinton

    My Shit Doesn’t Stink

    Yet for some reason I think she puts a hurting on a terlit bowl.

  5. The “hook” the Clintons started with was the fact that they couldn’t be shamed out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, the party they belong to (and their media lapdogs) puts absolutely zero stock in integrity. The only thing that matters is “can they win?”
    BUT… if the party and the media thinks that the they DON’T have a lock on the election it’s buh bye. Witness Hillary in 2008 when they suddenly realized B. Hussein Obama had the better shot. Or the case of Howard Dean. The media fawned over Dean until that crazy scream and then he was replaced by Kerry overnight.

  6. I view this as the ultimate game of “Mexican Standoff”. Start with the simple fact that EVERYONE knows. The Clintons and the Obamas HATE each other.

    Here’s the standoff…

    On the one side, you have the Clintons, armed with all kinds of the insider dirt and muck and shit and crimes that they know about Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Koskinen, and God knows how many other Washington creatures.

    On the other side, you have Team Obama/Jarrett with a similarly bursting dirty laundry basket of Clinton misdeeds and crimes. Plus, Obama has the full power of the NSA at his disposal.

    Both dance gingerly about the other, quietly releasing little tidbits of dirty shit meant to handicap the other without tipping their own hand. But luck is likely always going to favor a sitting President, right?

    So the Mexican Standoff is on, beads of sweat running down the faces of all participants, since historical legacies are going to be made or destroyed here.

    But if there is anything that fills me with glee (and who doesn’t love being gleeful) it’s that if one side of this administration is clearly going down, these nasty pieces of work, all, will drag the other players straight to hell with them.

  7. Right you are, chief!
    As Irony wisely said, the Clinton women are so ugly they were made honorary Kennedys!

  8. When my damn server got my breakfast order mixed up I sent his illegal ass back to Jeb’s house. I don’t understand all the fuss about one server when there are millions more where he came from. That’s exactly why I support open borders! Oh by the way,
    I don’t know anything about those technical things, gadgets or
    touchy pads!

  9. You got it chief. However I think Obama is in the driver seat. He wields enormous power over the Clinton’s right now. He has the power to pull the trigger and destroy them, although he knows the collateral damage will significant. But they will be done for good. And that may be too big an opportunity to let slip.away.

    On the other hand, if he lets her slide, he knows the tables turn on him once again and she becomes him, in the driver seat again and all the power shifts back to her. She then holds the hammer over his head. He does not trust her, we know that. Any deals he and Bill make on the golf course are shaky at best…

    If I was him, as arrogant as he is and being that he is black and basically untouchable in.public, I would not let the opportunity pass. She is too dangerous and vindictive. She is a vengeful twat. The party elite must be scurrying like rats trying to keep the lid on this turmoil.

    If I was him I would let it rip… slay the Dragon and let the chips fall where they may. If Crazy Uncle Joe gets in, Obama is golden. If a repubic gets in he’s safe too. She is really the worst enemy he has…. amazing.

  10. I think that it’s safe to say that Hillary has forgotten everything the her mother, Dorothy, taught her about “wiping” properly.

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