Let’s be crystal clear: It’s time to confront Alabama’s Joe Biden; Governor Kay Ivey (R)

Alabama Governor Declares ‘It’s Time To Blame The Unvaccinated For COVID’.

Time to put Governor wiggle-neck away. She can’t focus on reality but she can focus on repeating bullshit CNN reporting. We don’t need a Republican version of Joe Biden.
Make that happen, Alabama.

Summit News: Video: Alabama Governor Declares ‘It’s Time To Blame The Unvaccinated For COVID’.

The governor of Alabama stated Thursday that it is “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for rising cases of COVID in the state, adding that “These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain.”

Governor Kay Ivey made the comments during a press briefing, declaring “Let’s be crystal clear about this issue. The new cases of Covid are because of unvaccinated folks.” more

Give ’em hell!
(You know, in a non-threatening sort of way.)
Non-Alabama residents, have at it, too.

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Montgomery, AL 36130

Email: https://contact.governor.alabama.gov/contact.aspx

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27 Comments on Let’s be crystal clear: It’s time to confront Alabama’s Joe Biden; Governor Kay Ivey (R)

  1. I cannot stand this RINO bitch. She’s only there because the former governor of Alabama got caught swinging his dick and had to

  2. These idiots are telling us the vaccine is in effective. Otherwise the only people getting sick would be the unvaccinated. They can’t have it both ways. So if the JAB is ineffective, why get it and suffer the side effects? There arguments hold no water.

  3. “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks”

    Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd that would explain why all those Texas democRATs infected Pelosi and White House aides wouldn’t it ya old biddy… or maybe those phony basterds get the Saline version of the vaccine – which is it Witch?

  4. They’re not done with the lockdowns, and this time around they’re going to try and blame us.
    Pound sand. They are making a list.

  5. Gosh. Has the staff population of both Fauci and the CDC exceeded the 40% vaccination mark yet? No? Then this COVID-1984 survivor will remain pleased with just his antibodies, thank you very much.

  6. Uh, the unvaccinated didn’t fund gain of function in Wuhan. Blame belongs squarely on Fauci and CHY-NA, and nowhere else. Stop the stupid diversion tactics. I can’t be responsible for NOT doing something.

  7. The miss information falls to blame on a screwed up CDC. Why aren’t they tracking and making it public as to which “JABS” are doing something and which ones are not??? A confident organization would have the numbers to give to the public so the citizens could make an intelligent decision. If its okay then the FDC needs to clear it to be okay. Seems that they should know how many are not okay from the jab and which shot is making people sick. Or tell us its just not to be known because they have no structure in place to track and never thought it might help. Fools they are, or more likely political lairs.

  8. ^^^^^Why hasn’t the White House or CDC set up a web site to refute specific “misinformation”. That makes a thinking person all the more skeptical. Hell, the Surgeon General makes all kinds of TV appearances and will never get specific about misinformation. And why are the pushing so hard on a virus which now has a 99.7 percent survivability rating. They’re pushing to hard.

  9. Covid numbers are way way down and so are the deaths from it. Go ahead an blame the unvaccinated you old douche bag. It pisses me off that NO ONE credits those of us with immunity due to Covid. We are being ignored with bias and I demand my Nature Moment.

  10. The day will come when a team of doctors and virologists will prove inequivalently that natural immunity from having caught Covid is long lasting and effective against Covid. When that day comes I want reparations from the government for the pain and suffering I am subjected to on a daily basis of being threatened with the “POKE”!!


    Fear is liar!

    So are all these power hungry commies looking to get us back under their stinking thumbs.
    4Q. Every one of you fear mongers.

  12. @Capt. Jones – Why are you compelled to advocate for the Orange Man’s science experiment?

  13. Governor Ivey looks as old as Joe and acting like him too. Time to kick her out!


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