Levin: ‘You and I have no idea exactly what took place in that courtroom’ during the Jim Acosta ruling

CR: Friday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for not releasing a public transcript of today’s ruling on Jim Acosta’s press pass.

“This judge issues a [temporary restraining order], so we went into the usual places to look for his ruling, right Mr. Producer? … We all looked, and we couldn’t find it. So this was a ruling from the bench, it was not a written ruling. There’s no written order. A ruling from the bench. Now the irony here, ladies and gentlemen, is there’s no cameras in this courtroom. To my knowledge, there’s no broadcast equipment of any kind for radio and so forth. So, you and I were left out of the courtroom. You and I were left out of the information flow as it it took place,” Levin said.

“You and I have no idea exactly what took place in that courtroom,” Levin continued. “We the American people.”

Levin was told by the court that a transcript of the proceedings won’t be publicly available for 90 days, but it is available for purchase. Accessing it now requires a fee for each page of the document, filling out an extensive application, and the approval of the court’s office.  more

16 Comments on Levin: ‘You and I have no idea exactly what took place in that courtroom’ during the Jim Acosta ruling

  1. Don’t know if gasbag Acosta was in the courtroom, but he strutted out to his awaiting colleagues like he’d just won the Miss America pageant.

    Yo Abilio, your elbow length satin gloves are stunning.

    Can’t imagine what he has in store for an encore at the next presser, but it’ll be a set up with all the attention on him. I’ll bet even his mother can’t stand his whiny diatribes.

  2. This irks the crap out of me that to obtain documents as a tax payer I am required to pay to an entity that is funded by taxpayers.

  3. That “judge” is one sorry Bastard, letting the inmates run the asylum. Was there a due process to allow him into the room? No. Should there be one for barring him? No! The whole thing is run by the White House, period.

  4. Tim, it ticks me off too but i also have to pay additional fees to visit our national and state parks that we pay for.

  5. Whatever was said in court does not matter. What was said to the judge privately before the hearing is what matters. And that is what we will never know. But what we do know is that it matters not who appointed which judge, because the Dems will always have some leverage on any of them.

  6. As I understand it, the issue with the judge was there were no defined rules and consequences. So, before the next presser, write and distribute the rules and consequences. As soon as Acosta violated the new written rules, apply the new written consequences, i.e. kick his ass out. Let him go back to court. We can play this game too.

  7. Lol! Levin is such a spaz. It’s not a lengthy process to get a court transcript. Yeah, it can be up to a couple of bucks per page so a 100 page transcript is 300 bucks.

    Levin is saying no one has 300 bucks to buy a transcript?

    The only question is why wasn’t a court stenographer present. Then the transcript would be available online by now.

  8. President Trump should follow the example of radical professors. Mark off an area outside and tell the media that marked off area is their government mandated Free Speech zone. Let them freeze in the winter and bake in the summer as they watch President Trump on monitors. See how they like being Acostad.

  9. Well, I certainly don’t need any preexisting publicized rules of proper polite conduct in ‘my house’ – before telling someone who is not well behaved to “get out, now, don’t come back, unless invited.” And keeping it enforced. Is the WH not PDJTrump’s house (fingers crossed, for the next 6 years)?

    But I’ve never had to say that to an adult (does Jimmy A qualify ?), and only twice to a couple of my son’s friends when they were younger. Only one of those was serious enough to require a stern ( this is no BS) voice tone. The other incident got a smile after they cleared out the back. Only a minor offense corrected early.

    If a man’s home is truly his castle then he gets to set the rules. They only need to be printed in a era when bad behavior is too often tolerated.


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