Liberals Outraged by ‘Horrific’ Anti-Immigration License Plate — Demand Government Do Something


A Utah license plate apparently advocating a hardline approach to immigration has triggered outrage online, and officials are now investigating. 

The license plate, which reads, “DEPORTM,” came to state and national attention after Matt Pacenza, a Salt Lake City English teacher, posted a photo of it to Twitter and Facebook last Thursday.

“Hey [Utah Driver License Division), how does this plate I just saw not violate your guidelines?” he wrote.

Other Twitter users called the license plate “offensive,” “classless” and “horrific.” One Kansas-based author pointed out that Utah originally belonged to the natives. read more

20 Comments on Liberals Outraged by ‘Horrific’ Anti-Immigration License Plate — Demand Government Do Something

  1. Can’t be racisssss… me the race?
    Can’t be sexist…… me the gender?
    Can’t be transgender…show me the uhhhhh whatever?
    Can’t be homophobic….show me the anti queer?
    Say…..what/who IS that license plate offending?
    Only the guilt ridden white Libtards could be offended by this license plate……over nothing.

  2. The push to pressure people into compliance. Once they can control your speech they own you.
    We’re experiencing the same tactics used throughout history, this is just the latest mutation.
    I’ll admit that I never would have expected this to happen here, and it indicates just how deeply our nation has sunk.
    Dark days ahead.
    Our public school systems are turning these little monsters out with assembly line efficiency and yet there’s very little being done about it.

  3. how can ofishals be investigating it when the ofishals are the ones who gave it to him?

    I mean come on, its not like he created it himself, it had to be approved by the state DMV or he would have NEVER gotten it.

  4. Maybe the owner teaches deportment in a finishing school. You know, walking with a book on your head, knowing which fork to use when, etc.

  5. Side issue: I hate the overused word “horrific”. It’s a favorite among the liberati. That’s a good enough reason not to use it.

  6. Utah belonged to the natives? That’s a hoot.

    Who the hell gave the natives sole rights to Utah? The only way the Utes could claim it was through the right of conquest and then keeping out other tribes.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Tough titty.


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