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Lifeless Body of Islam Critic Found in Norway

Geller Report: The body of Islam critic Salwan Sabah Matti Momika has been found in Norway. Momika was known for organizing demonstrations in Sweden where he publicly criticized Islam.

Ironically, he had just escaped to Norway from Sweden to seek asylum. He was relentlessly persecuted and harassed in Sweden by the authorities and violent Muslims for his freedom of speech and freedom of thought.. So he fled. They killed him. more

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  1. Meanwhile, here in US, a whole trailer of Bibles is burned in front of a church on Easter Sunday. It’s a good thing Christians don’t act like the depraved followers of the false prophet.

  2. All moslems are mortal enemies of all non moslems. No further consideration ought be given. Read the q’ran and hadiths(selected, there are thousands) and understand when they say death to anyone they mean it and mean for it to happen. They never stop the conquest and never give back territory short of force… Andalusia 1200 on…

    Your tolerance will be the death of us all.


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