Lindsey Graham Calls for Sending Tanks to Ukraine, Hours After Ukraine Demanded Them via Twitter – IOTW Report

Lindsey Graham Calls for Sending Tanks to Ukraine, Hours After Ukraine Demanded Them via Twitter

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GOP Senator Lindsey Graham called for sending tanks to Ukraine just hours after a Ukrainian propaganda account demanded them via Twitter. Graham, a longtime supporter of warhawk policies, has been among the uni-party’s loudest voices in favor of Western intervention in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Senator Graham (R-SC) wrote to Twitter that he “appreciate[s] France agreeing to provide light armored combat vehicles to Ukraine,” that it’s “not enough,” calling for the West to send “heavy modern tanks” to Ukraine so that they can “militarily defeat the Russian invaders.”

Amazingly, Graham’s talking points appeared to come straight from a Ukrainian propaganda account, that had spent the hours before Graham’s tweet demanding heavy-duty tanks from Western powers, apparently ungrateful for the lighter armor handed out to them by the French. MORE

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  1. Serious question.

    What it is supposed to be versus what it is.

    I’m concerned about this and it’s implications.
    The D party is Open Homosexual Partys.
    The R party is Closed Homosexual Partys.
    It’s all about the Ticket Price.

    Why is the R party FULL of CLOSETED HOMOSEXUALS.

    I will realease what this Lindsey Turd was doing in 2020 with that North Carolina Charlotte McCrory Turd.

    It was disgusting.

    Charlotte North and South Carolina and Banksturds of Amerikans.

    The Flaming 20s

  2. Zelensky now reminds me of that guy at work that is nice to everyone when he first gets hired. Later, he asks to borrow a tool or two, yet always seems to forget to return them. Nickels and dimes people to death in order to get a soda or snack from the break room. Asks for a ride home and then out of nowhere ends up with a free taxi service. Always seems to walk into an area just minutes after someone brought in a box of donuts. In return, what does he share? Not a damn thing. (yes, he doesn’t have bio labs, child trafficking operations and anything else to line politician pockets, but still it’s take, take, take).

  3. Here is how THEY dood IT in some places

    For some generic cigarette brand
    Buy One Get One Free
    **Over 18 Only, FEDERAL ID REQUIRED
    HI-TECH ID PHOTO SCANNER at the convenient store clerk

    This is part a
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    To Be Continued


  4. According to Poland who recently received 28 Abrams on lease from the USA to replace T-72’s that were given to Ukraine, It takes minimum 3 months to get up to BASIC standards for their own training.

    Then, Infrastructure to maintain, service & FUEL. Very thirsty tank according to most users.

    So WHO is this douche planning of putting inside those Tanks?

  5. All Russia has to do is kill the mechanics and trash the fuel bunkers.

    The tanks will then take care of themselves.

    And don’t think they don’t know that.

    Look at why the Luftwaffe was a non-factor at Stalingrad for further details.

  6. I was arguing with some idiots on FB who are all for Ukranian troops training in Oklahoma along with our RINOS in the state legislature. Here is what I don’t get, if you say we should stay the hell out of their civil war and that both sides are commies, you’re spouting Russian propaganda. What the hell is Russian propaganda anyway?

    I believe we have given more than we should have to Ukraine and also believe most of that is kickbacks for people like Lindsey Graham. I also do not want Russian soldiers or Ukranian soldiers in my state. I also know that many of those people in Ukraine want to be part of Russia and always were Russian. We should keep our damn nose out of the business of the rest of the world and clean up our own shit. We also do not need a nuclear war with Russia. We don’t need busts of some dictator of Ukraine in our Capital, we don’t need their flag on American soil.
    Now though that is Russian propaganda.

  7. First, it’s highly unlikely that anybody voted anybody in……they were selected.

    Second, Trump wanted to make America great again…….sooooo

    third, hanging people for treason should be made great again. Your time is short, Lindsey boy.

  8. Sourpuss, I blame stolen elections all the time, actually was saying they manipulate the machines long before everyone saw it. However, you are correct though and it gets proven to me all the time when I see the idiots arguing on social media that you idiots did vote for those idiots and I am talking about Republican voters.

    Take for instance a man in my state who is pretty popular in conservative circles. He’s never ran for any office, but has always been heavily involved in Republican politics, writes for a state conservative outlet. He’s all in for Ukraine and soldiers training in Oklahoma, spewing bullshit about Liberty is a natural right for all not just Americans, like we have true liberty, which is what I told him, when America once again has liberty you can then care about other countries. Fix our own shit before we worry about fixing shit in other countries. I don’t care to die, some days I welcome that day to be in a far better place, but I don’t want my grand kids suffering a nuclear attack. Keep poking that bear and that bear is going to attack.

  9. They’re already there:

    Per Reuters…

    “The United States is moving a large amount of military equipment to the eastern flank of NATO – Reuters…Around 1,250 pieces of military hardware have arrived in the Dutch port of Vlissingen since Wednesday.”

    But aside from the training issues Kcir highlights, the damn things are too heavy for Ukraine bridges, and they’re “hangar querns” prone to breakdown. This will not end well for anybody but the MIC. Whichbis what Miss Lindsey is all about.

  10. Reloader 83
    JANUARY 14, 2023 AT 10:27 AM
    “Send Lindsey Graham to the front lines with an entrenching tool as well…”

    Graham’s about as entrenched as a politician can ever be, and he’s been a pretty good tool for the left, so he’s kinda there except he’s more a back door guy than a front line troop…

  11. Actually the Luftwaffe WAS a factor at Stalingrad. They turned all those factories with thick walls into rubble .. and made Stalingrad defenses even more formidable. And the rubble in the streets completely hindered the tanks

  12. How will they do? One can’t lose. Or at least as bad as Russia/Putin. On aircraft carrier, aircraft decimated, tanks gone, soldiers on their last leg. Putin is defeated & dying a slow painful death.

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