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25 Comments on LIVE TONIGHT 8:00pm EST – The U.S. & Eh!? Show with @MikeNordstrom3 and @Mr_Pinko # 323-870-3371

  1. can’t listen using Safari, but can using antiquated firefox.
    video doesn’t work with either

    if someone is in the US illegally, they are not an immigrant

  2. Will have to wait for the replay.

    Here is a little musical piece for the IOTW family.
    Can you Name That Tune?

    If the playback speed is too fast it is due to your browser or viewer not following the frames per second bit. Download it and try it in a different program. Regardless, even if fast, a keyboarder will know.

    Do NOT post the answer but you can say it on the show. Feedback would be fun.

    Hi All

  3. Minor in economics if I have it correct…

    “We’ll get to
    ALL OF YOU?!”

    And I’m the Easter Bunny.

  4. Again I say Camel Toe

    By the way I have some leftover chicken salad from the last show… Great on crackers…

  5. You guys got it all wrong! I will tell you why.

    Bernie missed it last time because Hillary put him out. Otherwise he he was a contender!

  6. I have to say that this format will not work on Salem.
    4 guys talking over each other for 40 minutes.

  7. Not interested in electric cars, Got drunk, fell asleep. Sorry, missed you.
    Give us a little more head’s up next time.


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