Loon Protesting Goldman Sachs Glues Her Melons to the Ground

“Her” is being bandied about solely by conjecture.

This could be just a fat dude.


A woman has glued her breasts to the road outside the Goldman Sachs offices today as activists ramp up disruption on the final day of protests. The eco-protester was spotted by passengers on a bus lying face down with her top up to her neck. Several police officers surrounded the woman and put up screens to stop the public watching her one-woman protest. It was quite possibly the most spectacular stunt yet as climate change activists targeted London’s financial districts to highlight what they call the business world’s ‘role in our collective suicide’.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrators temporarily blockaded the London Stock Exchange by gluing themselves across entrances to the trading hub in the City of London early on Thursday morning.

They were un-attached before being taken away in police vans, with Scotland Yard saying 26 people had been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespassing. The Exchange said all markets were open as normal. Elsewhere, five protesters including 83-year-old grandfather Phil Kingston clambered onto the roof of a DLR train at Canary Wharf station in east London, holding signs saying ‘business as usual = death’ and ‘don’t jail the canaries’. British Transport Police (BTP) used ropes, ladders and harnesses to remove them before confirming five people were arrested on suspicion of obstructing the railway.


h/t they busted her


36 Comments on Loon Protesting Goldman Sachs Glues Her Melons to the Ground

  1. A shame a Horse had to die to make the glue that epoxied those

    sad excuse for titties to the tarmac….

  2. “Suspicion of obstructing the railway. . . .and the Carriage of Justice”

    Nobody tell Maxine about this.

  3. Just do a double mastectomy right there on the spot. Scrape up & dispose what was glued to the road. She won’t be able to pull that stunt again.

  4. Unglued her? sputter sputter harumph.

    Jackhammer the area around her and let her show up to court with asphalt jamboolies.

  5. The left has once again sucked all the fun out of us mocking them. We don’t get the opportunity to point out their stupidity. We are late to the party. Over the top stupity by the left doesn’t really need explanation.

    Their brains were sold for carnival trinkets. And a meal.
    Too stupid to know they’re stupid.

  6. @Bobcat – “titties to the tarmac” HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    That phrase will permanently replace ” nose to the grindstone” in my personal vernacular.

    Thank you!!!

  7. I thought the lyrics went ‘why don’t we do it in the road?’ Not ‘why don’t we do it TO the road?’

  8. Made it almost to the end of the article until ‘They were UN-attached’ ,,,
    lost all my sh*t then,,
    still laughing,,,

  9. ♪♫♫
    How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm
    after they’re glued their tits to the asphalt?

  10. So….do we need a new saying; ‘keep your eye on the ball, your shoulder to the wheel, your nose to the grindstone and your boobs to the pavement???

  11. Hope they got the whole boob UN-attached.

    This senseless act could have left her pointless. . .

    /whatdya call boobs without nipples? Pointless () ()

  12. Sure, it’s the financial anti-Christ, but what does gluing your boobs to the street accomplish?! :duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:

  13. Why is it that people who live in highly concentrated urban areas are always the ones protesting climate? Most of these clowns would be out of their element in a dog park. Real nature would scare them shitless.

  14. Flex Glue, as advertised on TV, could do the job. She could be banged in the butt many times and never be able to resist. Just thinkin.’

  15. She just wanted to be manhandled while removing her boobs from the pavement. Or did she demand that female firefighters unglue her. That would mean she wanted to be shehandled.

    I also want to see how much glue she used. Did she use an A, B, C, D or DD amount of glue. The perv.

  16. Her ex-boyfriend, who helped her, was heard to say: “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em…to the pavement.”

  17. @TRF: “Shoulda left her there, stuck some flowers in her ass…”

    a road flare would be most appropriate
    safety first!

  18. The idiot kids at the airport in Heathrow were glueing themselves to cars and buildings. Til the cops came and they started crying. LOL


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