Liz Warren Will Tax Lobbyists! [Unless they are labor union lobbyists]

WFB: Senator’s anti-lobbying plan appears to punish corporations while strengthening labor lobbyists.

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s anti-lobbying tax appears to leave union lobbyists and other Democratic interests untouched.

Sen. Warren (D., Mass.) proposed to tax corporations and trade groups that hire lobbyists amid other reforms to crack down on what she calls “legalized bribery.” The plan, which she debuted on Medium and her campaign website, made no mention of whether it would apply to lobbyists representing labor unions or other interest groups.

Paul Miller, president of the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics, criticized Warren’s selective lobbying tax as a “political gimmick” that punishes all lobbying activities except those that benefit the senator. He said her “very specific talk about corporate lobbyists” indicates that the same measures would not apply to ideological or labor lobbyists.

“It spells out things that corporate lobbyists would not be able to do, but it does not make the same points for labor lobbyists,” Miller, a registered lobbyist, told the Washington Free Beacon. “A lobbyist is a lobbyist. I don’t care if you represent corporate interests or labor issues. The law should apply to everybody.”

Warren’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment about the details of the plan. more

8 Comments on Liz Warren Will Tax Lobbyists! [Unless they are labor union lobbyists]

  1. I have many old newspaper clips etc. on my
    office wall.Lobbying hit $849 mil under Obungo’s
    first term… If I were a politition,I would do
    anything you want for a piece of that.

  2. Targeted taxation has been the norm since the ratification of the 16th.
    It was sold to a gullible public by the lying shysters in the Legislatures as targeting the “rich.”
    Jealousy, envy, and greed got it through – and Fauxahontas is just carrying on the tradition.

    And just as Legislators can target those to be expropriated, they can target those to protect. Every year the Tax Committee shields toadies and politically-connected crooks from their “fair share.” The tax bills contain all manner of corruption – which helps explain the 1000s of pages wasted on it each year.

    The entire tax code could be one (1) line: “Send in 7% of your income – from whatever sources derived.”
    But instead, it runs thousands of pages of multiple volumes of arcane double-speak. And Americans just scratch their asses and smell their fingers – totally befuddled by the mesmerizing orations of twat-waffles like Fauxahontas, Beano O’Rourke, and Sandy O’Cortez.
    It Wobbles the Mind!

    izlamo delenda est …


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