Lone Woman Swarmed and Brutally Attacked by Dozens of Black Teens in Chicago  – IOTW Report

Lone Woman Swarmed and Brutally Attacked by Dozens of Black Teens in Chicago 

The Gateway Pundit reported on hundreds of teens rioting in the streets near Millennium Park Saturday night.

The teens smashed car windows, fired guns, and attacked citizens during the violent spree.

But don’t worry! Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson is on it!  His “inspiring’ leadership wants to focus, not on the violence perpetrated by hundreds of teens last weekend but making sure we don’t ‘demonize’ the thugs.

Could we, perhaps, demonize the dozens of teens who surrounded a helpless woman, trying to enter her home, cornered in her doorway by a mob of the rampaging youths? The thugs, that Johnson is worried will be demonized, then drag the woman to the ground and begin brutally attacking her. more

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  1. They will eventually turn on each other. We truly are screwed as a country sorry to say. We are warned this would happen in the end days. So glad I don’t have grandchildren.

  2. How unfortunate of the woman to insert herself into the midst of a frolicking group of teenagers out for a good time. Evidently she tripped and the kids were just trying to help her onto her feet, but the crush of others also trying to help created some confusion. But as they say “no harm, no foul” so let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and move on, folks, nothing to see here.

  3. They’ve been engineering this race war since LBJ. It looks like they finally got the job done. The rules are anybody not white kill everyone white. In L.A. the Hispanics are the one going ape shit. LA sheriffs department retreated several times. Out manned and out gunned. It is on like donkey kong, we’re just not participating. YET.

  4. The NEW mayor,Brandon COMMIE Johnson, GAVE THEM PERMISSION with his comments after he was selected! He CONDONES this behavior! So WHY is anyone surprised? Chicago is OVER. It breaks my heart! Look for an acceleration of the mass exodus by business and anyone whose able to LEAVE.

  5. Sometimes the chef needs to eat his own cooking. If some misfortune or calamity visits this ass-hat mayor, I would chalk it up to the metaphysical world seeking its own symmetry. The Hindu would call it Karma, I would call it retribution for being a stupid race insurrectionist.


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