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Looks Like Sleepy Joe Only Had 52K Live Stream Viewers for His Boring Speech

PJMedia: The alleged “president-elect” Joe Biden gave a snoozer of a speech yesterday that everyone missed, apparently. Some industrious viewer got a screenshot of all the major live streams of the speech, which, thankfully, I missed (along with the majority of Americans who were too busy clipping their toenails or washing their hair to pay attention to some senile old man coughing through a speech he didn’t understand).

Midstream, his viewers only appeared to add up to a mere 52,000. When Trump gives a rally, his live stream numbers are in the half a million range on one channel (Right Side Broadcasting). When you add up all the channels together, Biden appears to have only a pittance of viewers. This is the guy we are to believe got 82 million Americans to vote for him—more than Barack Obama, The Lightbringer himself. Really? With as many supporters as we are told voted for this man, is it possible that hardly any of them wanted to see this “victory” speech. read more

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  1. What if joey was to pull a Ned Devine on us like the old Irish guy who won the lottery and croaked in the English movie Waking Ned Devine just before joey’s alleged inauguration as our next President, God forbid. And the whole of the USA would hold a celebration for the restoration of our country, minus the libtards of course. Or would we have to utter the famous Bugs Bunny phrase, “Of course you know this means war.”

  2. Sleepy old Joe was pretty damn inflammatory. To bad nobody ever kicked his ass when he was younger. He’s just sad now. Sad Joe. I like it.
    On a side note, Lin Wood is suggesting all Patriots stock up on 10 days of supplies. Including blamunition. He seems pretty convinced it’s on. God I hope so.

  3. @Brad, nothing will happen and I mean nothing. Nothing has ever happened to these people, they are just above the law. Like some people say, it’s a club and we aren’t members. Lin’s talk is just click-bait for the conservs.

    Let’s start the pool now. How long will Biden be president before he is “Grassy Knolled” by the 25th Amendment? They have to keep up appearances so I am going to say 9 months.

  4. C’mon sweet meteor of death.
    Elections are fraudulent. Media are fraudulent. COVID was a concocted fraud. My pittance of investments that rests on Wall Street will be confiscated. The thousands that were confiscated over my working years via Social Security and Medicare will evaporate.
    Congrats PHenry. You have slowly been screwed, even though you fought like hell to stop it.

    I am so pissed off.

    So much for following the rules.

  5. Speaking of sluts:

    Kamala Harris periodically traded Willie Brown sex for job positions. She did not have a steady relationship with him. Rather, she’d come around when her job situation was drying up.

    This is not a disputed fact.

    That said, Harris and Brown were literally in a barter relationship, which Harris benefited from in hard dollars. As we all know, barter and trade dollars are the same as real dollars for tax reporting purposes.

    The benefits Harris received from her whoring were indeed taxable income. You can be sure she never reported it on her income taxes, as required by law.

    In other words, aside from being a whore, Harris is a massive tax cheat.

  6. Now I’m watching Senator Lindsay Graham on lurara Ingraham.

    Take your thumb and index finger and pinch your nostrils shut and say WHAT WE NEED NOW IS A SPECIAL COUNSEL. See? I saved you some time.

    Puhleeeeeeze shut up, loser boy.

    Honestly. Save us some time and fall on a sword.

  7. @PHenry, I am completely with you. We are fooked. Watch your accounts after they take the Senate 1/5. Wall Street likes checks and balances, and we will have none. We can’t even count on the three SCOTUS justices confirmed during Trump’s watch.

    Looks like we’ve arrived, this must be the bottom.


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