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Los Angeles: Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape

A Los Angeles jury has found disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein guilty on three of seven counts, including rape, in his Los Angeles sexual assault trial.

The jury found Weinstein not guilty on one count — sexual battery by restraint — and it was hung on three counts. The jury will return Tuesday to hear arguments on special findings.

Weinstein, who is already serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York for criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape, was accused by four women of assaulting them in hotels between 2004 and 2013. He faced two counts of rape and five counts of sexual assault. MORE

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  1. When is Meryl Streep going to testify on his behalf. Harvey is a God according to Meryl. Has she turned her back on her God? The least she could is put some money in his commissary account to buy some Snickers and Pay Days.

  2. “Newsom’s Wife Blasts Weinstein’s Lawyers as Misogynists After Jury Delivers Mixed Verdict – Jury Hung Over Jennifer Siebel Newsom Rape Charges”

    I wonder what kind of insecticide this woman uses to kill the bugs on her bush? First she has to worry about the shit she contracts, then she has to worry about what hubby brings home to her. I think the jury just told you that your a slut sweetie. Her snatch should come with a warning label.

  3. In a just world, every single story about this creep would begin with “Friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein…”. You know they would if he had ever even been in the same city as Donald Trump.

  4. Just remember, there were thousands of whores, both male and female, willing to defile themselves with Weinstein and others just to become famous and get rich. We all know who they are.

  5. It probably pays well to be the sacrificial lamb. It would be interesting to see his jail cell. Do they send him minor everyday? His good friend Oprah or her girl friend Gayle King?


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