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LSM Ignore Report That Obama Was Briefed on ISIS Going Back ‘at Least a Year’


On Tuesday night, the three major broadcast networks omitted from their coverage on the Islamic group ISIS a report that President Barack Obama has received briefings on the terrorist organization “for a least a year before the group seized large swaths of territory over the summer.”

ABC, CBS, and NBC all lead their evening newscasts with multiple segments on the gruesome murder of American journalist Stephen Sotloff at the hands of ISIS in a propaganda video released on Tuesday afternoon. Over on the Fox News Channel (FNC), Special Report with Bret Baier aired three segments on the story, including a report from chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge. [MP3 audio here]

Herridge, who first reported the news earlier during the day on Tuesday, cited “a former Pentagon official” who said that what the President received in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) on intelligence matters was “strong and ‘granular’ in detail” regarding the threat ISIS posed.



8 Comments on LSM Ignore Report That Obama Was Briefed on ISIS Going Back ‘at Least a Year’

  1. The LSM doesn’t want to talk about it, because then they have to defend his skipping half of the briefings and leaving the other half crumpled up on the floorboard of a golf cart.

  2. The LSM and its Hate-America cohorts continue to defend the pretender and his assault upon America.

    Their hatred of America is so great that they will even align themselves with the Satanic Cult Izlam rather than do ANYTHING to benefit, or relate facts to, America.

  3. Ah, the LSM.
    They will be most eloquent in their protestations about how “I’m One of You!” when the Fascists load them on the train for the Gulag

  4. Come on guys. Bush ignored one memo that said al-Qaeda might do something in the future.

    Nothing matters until a school bus full of multiracial kids on the way to a model UN meeting are blown into littler pieces.

    Then our little chickadees can come home to roast.

  5. At least Bush attended almost every meeting Brian. This guy doesn’t go to any of them.

    Why is it that every time something happens since your guy took office President Bush is always to blame? The current president has been in office for almost six years, don’t you think it’s about time he took the blame for something. Or do you liberals really think he is a God so henceforth he can’t be blamed for anything he does or says?

    And how will you feel when a busload of American children get killed when their bus is blown up? Because that just may happen in the very near future if democrats keep allowing anyone and everyone just walk across our southern border. We must plug up every hole in the so called fence and stop the flow even if it takes every member of our military that aren’t needed somewhere else to do it. FDR said ” we were attacked by the Japanese empire and I ask the Congress to declare a state of war exists between or two countries.” Your man said “we don’t have any plans!” Better keep your gun loaded my friend because they are coming and we are going to have to protect ourselves and our families because this government isn’t going to. Or are you one of those who think guns kill people, not people kill people so we must get rid of every gun in America so we can’t protect ourselves in the case of an attack?

  6. To O’preezy, ISIS stands for ISlam-ISlam…the religion of peace.
    So eF-you, you racist Americans, I am going golfing!

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