Lunatic Fringe makes DiFi their b!tch

Patriot Retort: It isn’t just journalists who have demeaned and degraded their profession.

The Senate Democrats have as well.

With their clownish behavior and unscrupulous smear tactics, they have made a mockery of the Senate confirmation process.

And for what?

To appease the unhinged and deranged ResistanceLOL.

Kamala Harris’ craven lies about Brett Kavanaugh and contraceptives.

Cory Booker’s opportunistic preening.

And now Senator Dianne Feinstein’s eleventh hour attempted smear using an anonymous source who makes an unsubstantiated accusation against Kavanaugh from freaking high school.

Harris and Booker, I expect. After all, they both plan to run for President. And for some reason Democrats believe the way to push yourself to the head of the 2020 pack is to slander, demagogue, lie and smear.

But DiFi pulling out at the last minute this anonymous accusation that she’s sat on since July put both Harris and Booker’s shameful behavior to shame. more here

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  1. The Left has a history of drinking out of the toilet; I see they are eating last nights supper out of it too. And last night was spaghetti with watermelon for desert.

  2. Senator Feinstein can’t help herself. She is under the mind control of a Chinaman. He was driving Spartacus around San Francisco for years. She doesn’t want to admit that her driver was an escaped Thracen slave from Chinatown, because ICE will come looking for him and deport him back to Mississippi. Yeah, I know. This makes about as much sense as this dumb, senile woman trying to run for re-election long after California has moved past totally crazy to completely loony. What compels ancient Senators to believe that they are indispensable? Dianne, John McCain is calling for you to join him.

  3. This goes WAAAAAAAAAAY back…to Ted “Bork” Kennedy and beyond.
    What HAS changed is the Right’s A) willingness and B) ability
    to fight back and be heard.

  4. Faced with the loss of power due to a new generation of leftist loons taking over her base, she tries to prove she’s still got rebel chops.
    She chose unwisely.
    The New-Left does not need her, the right sees through her.
    She is an old water buffalo, too old to keep up with the herd

  5. Get out your pencils and wide-ruled paper! Dianne Feinstein should be getting HUNDREDS of letters from us ratting out Kavanaugh for pulling pigtails, saying “poopy head” and smearing boogers on the back of the chairs in kindergarten. Why not!!?? Send ’em in, folks!!

    Senator Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senate
    331 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510


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