Lying Justin Trudeau Now Claims He Never Forced Anyone To Get Vaxxed — ‘That’s Misinformation!’ – IOTW Report

Lying Justin Trudeau Now Claims He Never Forced Anyone To Get Vaxxed — ‘That’s Misinformation!’

During a public discussion about democracy with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, communist tyrant and outright liar Justin Trudeau insisted that he never forced anyone to get the Covid vaccine.. as if we all don’t have working memories and access to Google.

The Gateway Pundit reported Trudeau was one of the top enforcers of mandatory COVID vaccines in the world. 50,000 Canadian truckers protested his mandatory COVID vaccine and organized a massive caravan across the country in protest. more

14 Comments on Lying Justin Trudeau Now Claims He Never Forced Anyone To Get Vaxxed — ‘That’s Misinformation!’

  1. Trudeau is one of Satan’s minions – he cannot do otherwise than lie.
    A fact or a truth would burn his tongue.
    He’s the bastard whelp of a slut and her assignation with a dictator – probably suffers deep psychological scars – thus he disguises everything about himself through lies, prevarications, dissimulations, and mendacities.

    Why Canada suffers him to exist is the question – though the answer is probably the same reason that Nazi Germany worshipped Hitler and the Soviet Union worshipped Stalin – total devotion and burning love – a need to be lied to and directed in every aspect of life – the slave mentality writ large.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Hey why not, he’s in a position to write history the way he wants it…

    He is perhaps the only other “president of a country” who is more incompetent than our election stealing imposter, poser, and narcissistic demon Joe Biden.

  3. LBS, I’m just the little Canary.

    They (leftists & Commies, WEF, UN) try Ideas in Australia and Canukistan to help predict how America will react.
    (less chance of THEM getting shot in the face outside the USA.)

  4. Josef Goebbels would be proud of his legacy since it’s now being practiced throughout Europe and North America. Gain control of or enlist the cooperation of a willing media. Silence dissenting views – preferably surreptitiously and totally. Finally, and most importantly, tell the big lie loudly and over and over. People used to be puzzled as to why Goebbels was such a successful propagandist in modern times, but now we are revisiting how he did so successfully.

  5. he’s a tyrant
    a wef tyramt
    “tyramts are to be opposed”
    when he says he never forced anyone to take the vaxxine, what he is really saying is that he will show everyone what fbeing forced really is
    he, and his political organization, took money from china, resulting in the entirety of his support staff’s resignation.
    he should resign, or be chased out of office with pitchforks

  6. And Hitler never gassed the Jews, he had it done for him. See how that works. Only difference is the clot shots will end up taking out a lot more people. The fake vaccine is the Swiss army knife of injury and death. Not a joke.


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