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Mad Max Azzarello is Dead


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  1. Another conspiracy moron. Since the Dems don’t do conspiracy theories, he is all ur’s. Fits right in. Could be should be will be exactly where the verdict will end.

  2. That’s a helluva way to get semi-famous. Of course, in a week, no one will remember his name or what he looked like — he’ll just be “that guy who set himself on fire outside the Trump trial”.

  3. could we somehow promote this as the new “tic tok” challenge with pantifa, and the John Brown gun club. Kinda like a good dose of chlorine in the gene pool.
    sorry to hear he lost the life challenge, but it looks and sounds like it was entirely self inflicted.

  4. Anonymous,FKB, JohnRyanGalt,SNS, Irate Nate, Mllo,Odin…..ya’ll some mean-spirited S.O.B.s.
    The guy was nuts and didn’t get the help he needed. Your attitude is why.
    God Help You.

  5. ^ You’re grumpy. The idiot is responsible for his own life, his own choices, and his own voluntary demise. The attitudes above didn’t change a thing. Grow up.

  6. @ Grumpy SATURDAY, 20 APRIL 2024, 9:23 AT 9:23 AM

    Go fuck yourself. People like this guy are the reason the country is in the position it is. Good riddance to bad trash.

    And if you agree with the guy, I have a can and a match.

  7. Hunter,
    The guy obviously had mental issues and besides, he’s still one of God’s children – one of OUR brothers. He was sick and needed help which never came, or, he didn’t recognize it when it was offered.

    And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being anti-fascist (whatever that is; I’m assuming he didn’t mean “Italian Socialist”).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. @ Tim – FJB SATURDAY, 20 APRIL 2024, 11:09 AT 11:09 AM

    Not my problem anymore. I have no fucks left to give for people that can not contribute to society.

    He may be a child of God, but I highly doubt he can recite the Lord’s Prayer. Those two can figure it out between themselves. If a person is so unhinged that they will set themselves on fire, it is time for them to go befor they harm anyone else.

    I apologize if I am coming across as an asshole, but that is where I am at right now. And if a whole bunch more want to make a statement by doing the same, I have no problem with it.

  9. The guy was created by God and a fellow human being but, he was not a Child of God. That title is reserved for those who know and serve The True and Living God by trusting Christ as Savior and Lord. It’s too evident he did not.

    He was a nihilistic pagan with mental health issues exasperated by Marxist ideologies. He was also a demoniac. Setting himself on fire is enough evidence he was possessed by Satan to whom he surrendered his autonomy.
    Praying for the dead will not alter the judgement that is immediately set – good or bad. Sadly, this man will not have a good outcome.

    Commiting suicide confirms his lack of a relationship with Christ. Taking your own life is enmity against God who gives life. So, there is no chance this man will rest in peace.

    Max was in a sad and desperate state, that was never dealt with to save his life. Still, even with mental illness he was aware of the detrimintal effect his actions would have on others. He had a choice to seek God for help or rely on secular beliefs and his own delusional thoughts.

    The trauma he created for everyone who witnessed this horrific event has affected them greatly. Praying they will know God through Christ so they know the love, goodness and mercy of God. Also, praying for thier recovery and for his family and friends who will miss him and have to live knowing how terribly he died.
    Leftist is a horrible deadly plague that only God can handle. We must get people to trust in Him for the solution.

  10. Thank, SNS. People need these hard truths to get back to God. Peace, Love, safety and security people need and want are with God. We are in terrible times and people’s souls are at stake. It’s too late for Max, but Christians in America have to do a much better job of evangelism.

    Christians have to be wise – know the season and times we live in and be equipped to have the truth of God in our hearts through His word to share with hurting people. They suffer knowingly and unknowingly the consequences of sin – separated from God who loves them. So many Americans are desperate for God and don’t know how to connect with Him.

    The insanity, depravity, lawlessness and other evils are symptoms of a sin sick world. Causes why many commit suicide and other horrible crimes against humanity like abortion. Praise God for Christ. He is our Hope and Victory over this evil madness we’re overwhelmed with today.

  11. And to be fair to Grumpy, yes, he was mentally disturbed, just like every other dumbass lib. The problem is two-fold; we don’t have the resources to treat every lib, and these limited thinkers vote. So on strictly a zero-sum cost analysis, our side got just a little bit closer to fixing the country.


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