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Mad Max Says Putin Invented ‘Crooked Hillary’ And Other Talking Points

The Lid: Okay, the lady has lost her marbles. First Maxine Waters said she never brought up impeaching Trump, the same day she sent out a tweet calling for the impeachment of Trump and days after she spoke out at a rally leading a cheer of“impeach 45, impeach 45, impeach 45.” Since then she’s called for Trump’s impeachment a few times more, and even going as low as saying the reason Jason Chaffetz was resigning from congress was his [non existent] ties to Russia. That was followed by another conspiracy theory Rex Tillerson is secretary of state because he wants to help Russia get all of the arctic oil.

But today, Thursday May 18th–today takes the cake.

Appearing on Morning Joe, Maxine Waters expressed her theory that the Kremlin, maybe Vladimir Putin wrote Donald Trump’s talking points

Sam Stein of the Huffington Post asked the California Congresswoman what she meant by collusion, that’s when she seemed to fall off the crazy train:

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  1. Ha ha ha! That dummy President Trump couldn’t come up with the witty, biting, “crooked Hillary” without the Master of International Socialism and Dictator of All of Russia crafting the phrase for him.
    “Crooked Hillary” was just so over-the-top that it defeated her without another shot being fired.

    Yeah. Got it.

    Putin REALLY hit home with “Little Marko,” too.
    Not to mention “Lyin Ted.”

    Maybe those monikers would be difficult for Maxine to come up with, but I kinda doubt that President Trump needed any assistance from some foreigner.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Anonymous sources in the deep state reported, Putin’s hackers placed classified and secret Dept. of State memos on Hillary’s personal computer then two years later while she was under subpoena deleted them. Putin’s PR people, through hypnosis advised Hillary on the statement, “At this point, what difference does it make.” Hypnosis was also used to make Hillary stumble, mumble, cough, pass out and bark like a dog.

    Case closed. Putin is responsible for Hillary’s loss.

  3. The shit that comes out of her mouth is no more ridiculous than any other crack-brained Trump/Russia Collusion nonsense spewing from the mouths of those who are supposedly more rational and intelligent. And she is less infuriating than the Republicans who are enabling this insanity because Trump tweets too much and hurt Jeb’s feelings.

  4. Whenever I question my sanity or intelligence, I just listen to Maxine. It doesn’t make me any more sane or intelligent, but I do feel more sane and intelligent in comparison (so does my 7 year old granddaughter).

  5. She sounds a lot like Sissy Sassy, Plane Wrecking McCain, Chinless McConnell, Nancy P. Ryan, Ms. Lindsey Graham Cracker, Piglosi Galore, Egg McMuffin, Crome Dome Clapper, J. Crony Comey, UpChuck Chuck Schumer, Sir Hillary Clinton, BJ Clinton and Eric the Thumb just to list a few of the “Birds of a feather flock together? crowd!!

  6. “Hypnosis was also used to make Hillary stumble, mumble, cough, pass out and bark like a dog.”

    And alcohol. By the way, I heard that the guy who ran over those people yesterday and smashed into a bollard was not drunk. He had pneumonia.

  7. I’ll give her/it this; she/it actually works for the Soros check instead of slacking. She/it could easily just take the money and do more nothing like the rest of the commiecrats.

    It pays to be a moron with low IQ constituents.

  8. The MSM deals in complete FICTIONAL ‘news’. This creature dips regularly into fantasy and it has caused a shortage of oxygen. Lala land must be bliss, because she just can’t get enough and insists on sharing her unicorn thoughtlessness with the public.

    If she wasn’t such a fool, I would feel sorry for the way the MSM baits her crazy and displays it in full bloom.

  9. They need to send her current grooming monkey back to the zoo and send for a better-trained grooming monkey from Africa! A monkey immigrant willing to do the work that American monkeys won’t do!

  10. 38 years ago, Russian agent Webb Hubble, using a bionic peni, impregnated Hillary with the sperm from some sick KGB human/animal/alien hybrid clone, in an early move to sabotage her 2016 presidential campaign. Those evil bastards.

  11. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    Can’t waste what ya ain’t got!

    Poster Girl for the “Negroes are Inferior” crowd – they ought to keep her in her cage.

    izlamo delenda est …

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