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Maine: Bangor Teachers Watch As Student Beats, Chokes Classmate

A new law in Maine restricts school teachers from protecting victims of student-on-student violence. The dangers from this new law came into focus in a video obtained by the Maine Wire. OAN’s Neil W. McCabe spoke to the news site’s editor for the details.

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  1. So I guess the teachers won’t intervene when the victim’s friends gang up on the bully and beat the snot out of him.
    What happened to the teachers being the “authoritah”, to teach, to keep order, to make a calm learning environment??
    Another data point for yanking your rug rats out of public cess skrools (h/t Rush) ASAP.

  2. “Black on white violence? Hide it.”

    I think that statement is accurate. But it’s a double edged sword. What happens when whitey starts beating the fuck out of the black aggressors like in the video. That will happen. Then what. Democrats fuel racism with everything they do.I think this is a great law. Better learn to fight white boy.
    My high school sophomore year, the head coach turned his back as I beat the shit out of the Senior tuff guy leader of the pack Mex. Fucker ripped my fav shirt while paying soccer. I married his daughter about 8 years later.

  3. We’ve had thousands of illegals from Africa and Haiti shipped up here.
    The left wing loons who run this state give numerous reasons. We’re too white. They’re “refugees”. We need workers, etc.
    They really want voters.
    We’ve also gotten tons of low class blacks coming here from NY, MA, etc.
    You can get on welfare as soon as you step foot in this state.
    The ngo’s coach them to claim racism.
    Just in my small city of 23,000 the general assistance budget is going from $850,000 yr to over $12 MILLION!
    Crime in South Portland is up 2000%!!

    Not only is this happening, school counselors are secretly “helping” kids become trans.

    Out of staters and George Soros have come her and ruined the place.

  4. Two of the teachers at my HS back in the late 60’s wouldn’t take crap from a lot of the dumb tough guy jocks. Mr. Burkhardt body slammed a jock up against the blackboard for being an insolate loud mouthed jerk. And my favorite was Mr. Weir taking down another dumb jock on the stairwell who was fighting him in a knock down fist fight, both of the jocks lost. Both of the teachers were also coaches and most of the students feared them and respected them because they knew they would kick their ass if they got out of line.

  5. Geoff, we had a 5th grade teacher Mr. Schultz if I remember correctly, who had great aim and would bean kids who wouldn’t behave with a blackboard eraser.

    He also took us outside during free time and showed us where the parts the the engine were in his VW Bug.


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