Major 11th Hour Victory for Israel at the UN


The United Nations has rejected a resolution that could have crippled Israel, imposing on it indefensible borders and forcing hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens from their homes.


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  1. So, the libtards expect Israel to agree to and follow every anti-Semitic resolution passed by the UN but when the muzloids ignore or evade UN resolutions they don’t like, the ‘tards support that.

    I guess this is why Gay Barry thinks he can get away with ignoring the Constitution.

  2. I know over 100 Jewish families.

    Over half will vote Dem no matter what. But many are Conservative and we talk about and agree on politics all the time.

    They aren’t monolithic but, like Brad, I am flabbergasted so many vote against themselves.

    Yehuda Remer of Truth Revolt, is a customer of mine. Both he and his wife have CHLs now that they live in Texas. They moved to Dallas from Kalifornia for all the right reasons. They often call their friends back in Kali and rub it in how different things are. Like buying a gun and walking out the door the same day. Like cheaper gas. Like NO income tax. I expect their friends to make the move at some point, if able.

    A current story from Yehuda:

  3. kittenlittle recommended a couple great sites. Don’t forget Frontpage Magazine, too. I quote their tag line all the time: “Inside every Liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

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