What did she just say?

mich and barry obama

Courtesy of Michelle’s Mirror.

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  1. “I swear, it was the size of a whole pork tenderloin, and I told him to make damn sure he flush next time. And to go get his chocolate starfish checked. Something ain’t right there.”

  2. “B’preezy, we gots 747 days left to finish destroying this country”

    “Moo, my Nig-ubian Princess, don’t sweat it, we will get it done.
    Not so fast though.
    We gotsta squeeze in 36 vacations and 172 golf games at least.”

  3. “I can’t believe Al Sharpton, of all people was hittin’ on me!”
    “I mean, everything shrunk on that skinny nigga but his big head.”
    “And what the fuck does ‘resist we much’ mean?”
    “Damn fool!”

  4. “… and den da crackah bitch has da nerve ta say, ‘can yooo reach dat for meee?’ like she doan know ’bout only black lives matter now in Amerikkka or sum fukkin ting.”

  5. Moo to Boo, “They said that I can’t break the internet in one of those KK outfits, what do you think Boo?”

    He’s thinkin’ breaking isn’t exactly biblical descrution Moo.

  6. So then I told that old bat, Queen of England, bitch, you can crap in one hand and wish for a respectable present from America’s leaders in the other, and see which one gets filled up first.

  7. “Reggie keeps telling me Barrack has a new talent. Wow! I can’t imagine what that would be?”

  8. Bammy boy neglected to give me the Crocodile Dundee handshake when we first met. Now he’s stuck with me. He may be prez but I’m the First Pecker!

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