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Major Auto Union Handed Huge Defeat By Alabama Workers

Daily Caller-

Workers at a Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance, Alabama, voted against unionizing in a major setback for the United Auto Workers (UAW).

Autoworkers at the plant voted just 44% in favor of unionizing under the UAW and 56% against, with more than 4,600 votes cast, according to preliminary results released by the union Friday. The loss by the UAW threatens the union’s plan to expand into many of the currently non-unionized auto plants in the U.S., particularly in the South, that have traditionally resisted unionization. more

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  1. Good.
    Anything that causes pain for the crooked UAW bosses is just fine by me.

    I got nothing against ordinary members, but the guys at the top are slimy parasites. Maybe, just maybe, they understand that it’s a bad idea to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, but they have no problem zapping that goose with cattle prods if that makes it lay faster.

  2. All a union does is put a wall up between workers and management and sow division.
    I’ve seen both sides of this. Unions and Union workers are always on the lookout for an excuse to file a grievance. They say it keeps management on their toes.

    Well, it’s not 1933 again where workers were taken advantage of. Today they have the ability to go to another employer that treats them better if that’s what they want, communications and education opportunities are far better than 87 years ago (When AT&T became unionized).
    Hey, it’s not 1937 any more!
    The last company I worked for the workers always had the opportunity to vote the Union in and never did so because the company treated them well and they knew full well what it was like to work on the other side. The unionized companies that were our competition, sand there always union guys looking for a place in our company as a result (most of the time we were full up).
    Our guys: happy and productive. As a result our company always won the Customer Satisfaction ratings. Theirs… not so much. Their guys, disgruntled, down attitudes looking for a better place. A lot of them wanted to work harder because they loved what they did, but that was a no-no and if they did, they would become the nail that needed to be hammered down. Can’t have that!!

  3. Let’s see now………..”Union”……….”Union”……Hmmmmmmmmm….

    “Soviet Union”…..Union of………etc., etc, etc.

    Resided in Alabam for some 10 years. Very Good People. You still see the majority ALWAYS have and (I hope) will always in the future, look out for their fellow minority-voiced Buddies…until they know a little better.

  4. I ran a printing press for a couple of years before I joined the Air Force. One of the companies I worked for had been a local family owned business for 4 generations when the last batch of descendants decided they weren’t interested in running it anymore and sold it. The employees hated the new owners and voted in a union. We went on strike for 3 months and got a 25 cent/hr raise, which the union promptly took as dues. I quit after that. By the time I got out of the military the place had gone out of business after being there for over a hundred years. The building had been knocked down and the land turned into a parking lot.

  5. I have already heard some union goon say it was only one vote. The unions are just like the government, they will keep demanding elections until they get the result they want. I’ve lived at my present location for almost 35 years. We don’t have a sales tax and there is a cap on property taxes. I’ll bet I have voted against a sales tax and raising the tax cap at least thirty times, maybe many more because in addition to regular elections, they also hold special elections every now and then hoping no one shows up but supporters.

    Funny how we never have an election, special or otherwise, to lower taxes or do away with useless programs.

  6. I got treated like walking garbage so many times, money stolen and had to steal it back. Found out employer wasn’t paying their % into healthcare and pension. Suspicious salary deductions, just general contempt. Make up rules on the fly and if you don’t like it you can quit etc.

    I’d prefer to give a union a try one time.

  7. ^^^^^^ I’ve employed over 50 in years past. What you’re alleging is a federal crime. I don’t believe you and here’s why. You even whisper such an allegation against an employer and the Labor Relations board is on that employer like white on rice. Ask me how I know? I’m thinking maybe you just weren’t that good at your job. I’ve had a few DFL in my wake. Painful.


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