Man Arrested For Speaking Longer Than 2 Minutes At School Board Meeting

He was complaining about a sexual explicit reading assignment for his 14 year-old daughter. A member of the board called over an officer and had him arrested.


12 Comments on Man Arrested For Speaking Longer Than 2 Minutes At School Board Meeting

  1. Home schoolers ought to get tax refunds for not using public school texts, facilities or labor.
    And the makeup of a school board ought to be substantially changeable in one election, which is usually the case now.

  2. Common sense won out… today.
    It is easy to see, however, what Liberal Marxist Progressives are trying to do. Limit free speech. Today it’s an arbitrary 2 minutes, evidently the limit of their attention span and tolerance. Tomorrow it will be 1 minute. Next week it will be old news and next month it will be expunged from the history books! Do not let them gain 1 inch or they will take the whole mile, the mile posts and rip up the asphalt after them!

  3. This just pisses me off to no end.

    1.) Sexually explicit reading for a 14-year old girl in school?
    2.) A school board that thinks it is acceptable to have such reading?

    UFB!!! What has become of us?

  4. This kind of stuff will continue to happen until these petty dictators learn that their tyranny has repercussions for them personally; up close and personal, abrupt and irrevocable. Kith and kin included.

    The same goes for those “cops” who serve as their running dogs. It doesn’t take a judge to determine whether there was a breach of the peace; the police know when an arrest is required…politics is not part of the arrest process.

    I know my opinion may seem harsh, but civil society is collapsing as we watch. We are not going to vote our way out of this mess. The candidates are preselected and conform to the agenda of the “political elite,” regardless of party affiliation. The people need to take action, beginning at the local level; think “Sons of Liberty.”

    Rant off.

  5. Arrest powers need to be removed from that governing body
    Power to haul out some nut-job who is disrupting the meeting; I agree with that
    But sometimes the nut-job is the one on the stage, and giving them arrest powers creates petty tyranny.

  6. Well, if the school board is going to condone sexually explicit reading assignments, maybe they need to make it a 7 minute comment rule.

    You gotta be over 50 to ‘get this’.


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