Man Dies from Suspected Snake Bite to Arm


NBCDFW– Investigators say a driver found with puncture wounds on his wrist and a snake in his car has died at a Texas hospital.

Austin-Travis EMS Cmdr. Mike Benavides said Wednesday that the man died at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. More

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  1. “Animal control officers confiscated, from the car, a nonvenomous snake in a crate, six tarantulas and a bullfrog. A cobra, a highly venomous snake, remains unaccounted for.”

    I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

  2. Just a quick update from a local: This guy was a “kid”, still a teenager. His Mom apparently owns a petshop that specializes in exotic animals…

  3. About ten years ago, we had a local near Darwin Award winner that picked up a baby diamondback rattler while he was on vacation in AZ. He was showing it off to his girlfriend, and held it up to his face to kiss it when it bit him, both fangs puncturing his upper lip. Full dose of baby rattler venom which is much more potent than the adult rattler version.

    The only thing that saved him was a quick EMS response time to his girlfriend’s frantic 911 call. When they got there he was in the process of asphyxiating because his head was swelling up to twice its normal size and was choking off his airway. They were able to intubate him in time and get him to the hospital.

    Stupid will kill you quicker than just about anything else, and playing with venomous snakes is a good way to get yourself gone for good.

  4. I had suggested on Facebook that they should put up “Wanted” posters for the cobra. Looks like someone agreed with me.

  5. APD has confirmed they found a dead cobra in the home improvement center parking lot.

    For all of it’s attempts to be like Berkeley, Austin is still in Texas, and Texans in pickup trucks do not miss an opportunity to run over a snake!

  6. My friend got bit by a rattle snake about a month ago on his hand. His arm swelled up 3 times its size. He spent 2 days in the hospital. Nothing to mess with….

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