Man Sues People Who Rescued Him From Drowning In Pool

KFI: A Virginia man has filed a lawsuit against the police and lifeguard who saved his life after he attempted to drown himself following a bipolar episode in 2016. Mateusz Fijalkowski claims that he was underwater for over two minutes while the eight police officers stood by and watched. At one point they even stopped the lifeguard from jumping into the water to pull him out.

Police claimed they had a good reason for standing by as he drowned. They said that his actions put the lifeguard and officers at risk of being pulled underwater by Fijalkowski if they attempted to rescue him.  read more

11 Comments on Man Sues People Who Rescued Him From Drowning In Pool

  1. @Reboot, exactly, he was under water for a couple of minutes, and it’s highly unlikely that you can drown yourself! He threw himself in a pool with the intention to kill himself. Who says he was not decepting police?

  2. Unless he anchored 2 cinder blocks around his neck, he had no intention of death by drowning. Hope they counter sue for filing a false report.

  3. Easy solution. Take him back to the pool and hold his head under water for 5 minutes. There. He got what he wanted. Lawsuit dismissed, no plaintiff.

  4. Isn’t this exactly how it started when the supers were forced to quit and go into the SRP (superhero relocation program)?

  5. This dude needs to be counter sued for causing all this crap in the first place. It’s called reality and he should be made to live in it. Not drag the rest of the world through his mental illness.

    I was under the impression that attempted suicide was a crime that led to your involuntary admission to a state mental hospital. On top of that he should be charged for starting this whole circus and putting the lives of others at risk. It’s all on him. All of it.

  6. He’d be a lot happier if he started by changing his name to something pronounceable. It would probably solve all his problems.

  7. At the time of the incident, Fijalkowski says he had never suffered any mental health episodes. He was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

    Lol! Two things.

    1. Bipolars never think it’s them. That’s the problem! It’s how the brain is wired. It’s always everyone else that’s the problem. It takes an undeniable f**k-up to admit they have a mental issue. He’s been bipolar all his life. He now knows it, but…

    2. It is not easy to bear knowledge like this about yourself. Self preservation tends to kick in a serious, deep, denial reflex. Hence the law suit.

    I hope he gets his clock cleaned. He didn’t try to save himself. Quite the opposite. He held himself in place. He wasn’t stuck down there. How is that someone else’s fault?

  8. My ex was/is bipolar. In total denial when we were together. Absolute, pure Hell to live with these people. She’s divorced from the next guy and has some poor sap on the hook now. Put three kids through three divorces. If I’d thought she wanted me to drown her back then, I would have happily obliged and would be up for parole right about now.


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