Manchin on changing parties: ‘I don’t know where in the hell I belong’

“I don’t think the R’s would be any more happier with me than D’s are right now,” Manchin says.

I don’t know why the R’s keep voting for senator two-face.
Or are they, really?

Hey West Virginia… Time for an election audit, don’t you think?

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  1. Audit aside, the question is who in WV is interested in running and would be better? Because he is marginal he gets a lot of attention, we don’t even know the names of the 80-90 senators who always vote their party line. I appreciate when he votes against the D agenda – but I would appreciate an R in that seat who always votes against the D agenda.
    Reality is that most senators are only of value for their vote. A handful actually make things happen. Desirable to have more Rand Pauls and Ted Cruzes but any R will do.

  2. “…but any R will do.”

    You mean like the other West Virginia Senator, Shelley Moore Capito? Controlled Opposition. Yes, time for an audit, and intense election scrutiny next time. West Virginia reeks of Uniparty.

  3. Senator Manchin will sell his conservative and moderate supporters out when he gets something that guarantees he gets re-elected. I doubt that he even knows all of the looney, wasteful things that are in this Catastrophe. Where are those two fakers from Colorado, Senators Bennett and Hickenlooper? They should be angling for moderate voters too, but they are both such smug politicians that nothing will stop them from joining the pack of lunatics destroying our country. Bennett is up for re-election in 2022, so he’s gambling that Colorado is going to overlook his political perfidy.

  4. Joe, I don’t know where the hell I belong, either. There’s no way I would ever be a D, I just know I’m a constitutional conservative who lately doesn’t even fit in with the Rs most of the time.

  5. You’re either a fan of the US Constitution in it’s entirety, or you’re a Bolshevik motherfucker.
    Hope that makes it easier for you.

  6. Edit previous post, with the exception of Marjorie Taylor Greene and maybe Lauren Boebert. Marjorie Taylor Greene has more fight in her than all the the other Republicans combined.

  7. I had thought the combo of Bennett/Hick was, hands down, unbeatable to answer the question, which state had the most useless pair of senators?

    Than I moved to WA.

    Someone looking to produce the ultimate, worthless, scumbag politician should mate the senators from CO and WA

  8. Don’t be fooled by the communist death democrat traitorous scumbag. He is coming up for re-election in the very conservative state of West Virginia. He talks a real tough game against this bill but in the end he will vote for it. Lying, piece of shit. He needs to be dropped down a bottomless coal shaft.

  9. If you don’t know where you belong after all these years then you’re not there. I’m not sure I’m doing great with the republicans but compared to the dems? No brainer.


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