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Many states pay families unemployment benefits larger than job salaries


Amid an ongoing labor crisis, with businesses across the country continually struggling to fill open worker slots, two economists say part of the problem may stem from roughly a quarter of all U.S. states paying citizens sky-high unemployment benefits that sharply disincentivize working. 

The report, published this month by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, points to a rash of state-level policies that offer generous payouts for workers who are currently unemployed. 

The writers — University of Chicago economics Professor Casey Mulligan and Heritage Foundation economics research fellow EJ Antoni — argue in the paper that in 14 states, “unemployment benefits and [Affordable Care Act] subsidies are the equivalent to a head of household earning $80,000 in salary, plus health insurance benefits.”

In three states — Washington, Massachusetts and New Jersey — the researchers found that unemployment benefits could top $100,000, with Washington offering $122,000 in payouts.  MORE

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  1. Before you get ready to move might I suggest that you might be surprised to find you qualify for the SNAP benefits. Not familiar with the system in total, but thinking our friends in the government would be happiest with as many on the dole for total control.

  2. And I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that all those states are blue LibTard-run states.

  3. Even though I live in a red conservative state, I wonder if I could fake an address and file for unemployment in a blue state?
    (that would be one way to recoup my taxes paid out for welfare & unemployment)

  4. The Cloward-Piven strategy. Create a crisis in the welfare system that would lead to financial collapse with the ultimate goal being guaranteed annual income.

    If you think the progressives aren’t winning this war, you’re not paying attention.

  5. back in 2009 I was laid off. I can’t remember if it was the state or the Feds who had extended unemployment to 52 or more weeks because of the economy. I knew someone, laid off at the same time, who purposefully did not seriously look for a job until unemployment ran out. Me, I followed the rules, sending out resumes and filling out applications until I found something about 3 months later. For the other person there was no incentive to look for a job because the weekly unemployment checks covered her expenses.

  6. Committee to Unleash Prosperity

    Fox Business Money Grubbing Prosperity Thieves and Digital Traders got a bad case of the Green Black and Blue Flu.

    What the Fox Business Money Grubbing Prosperity Thieves are really mad about.

    Those lazy, money grubbing, no account welfare queens are not buying enough guides to unattainable prosperity merch and bitcoins.

    This last weekends Fox News Christmas Specials tells me New Years is going to be even worse. Jimmy Failla will be their Anderson Coooper. Yikes.

    Something is really stinking in New Yawk

  7. In the Spring of 2020 I was working alone again but Covid made it easier on me scheduling-wise. Some customers wanted to wait a bit. I was OK with that because I was as busy as ever with new customers.

    Nearing Summer, an unemployed young friend of the family, that owed me a considerable amount of money, said he would help me, since I was getting swamped with work, to help pay off what he owed me.

    He was running life on his own time and had no financial pressures due to all the Gov money he was receiving. Completely undependable for showing up in time for work at first, then had a hard time learning there was a lot more to it than just showing up.

    After one month I had to call it quits.

    He just wasn’t hungry enough to care about learning how to do things right.

    I thought back to my early days as a teenager and remembered employers preferring family men to hire. Why? Because they’ll do whatever it takes to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of their family. Family men will put up with as lot of hard stuff to feed their families. I know I did.

    Single guys? Not so much. Especially if they have zero financial pressures in their life.

    Good times make soft men.

  8. In ME you can get long term unemployment then go on welfare and between food, housing, etc can make around $65,000.
    The avg income here is $50 – $55k.
    Then the dirty dems use the fact no one wants off the system to import illegals, who never get off welfare.

  9. Fox News banksturds pushing reverse mortgages again**

    It’s a cycle

    **Fine Print in HD
    Foreclosure WILL be instituted even after repayment at the first missed PROPERTY TAX BILL.

    HA HA

  10. “Many states pay families unemployment benefits larger than job salaries ”

    That’s to justify more immigrants. Who will also become state dependent. The end goal is socialism. And they’re getting closer every day.

  11. Margaret Thatcher said that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

    That no longer applies because the government just prints money for whatever they want. When the debt is at 31 trillion, percentage wise, another trillion, trillion and a half is not worthy of concern if you know that none of it will ever be able to be paid back. I can’t find recent figures for our unfunded liabilities but 4 or 5 years ago it was in excess of 120 trillion.

    In question is whether it’s best to ride this out and let it collapse or make it happen quickly. The communists have made their decision. Quicker is better. They may not be wrong. One thing is certain, the collapse is coming.

    Best, IMO, would be if it was on a worldwide scale and I believe it will be.


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