Marc Lamont Hill still has a job at Temple University

Campus Reform: CNN contributor and professor Marc Lamont Hill is “no longer under contract” with the popular news outlet after calling for a “free Palestine from river to the sea.” Hill is still employed, however, with Temple University, the school confirmed to Campus Reform Thursday.

Hill made the comment Wednesday during a speech at the United Nations where he discussed boycotting Israel to support and “free” Palestine.  more

5 Comments on Marc Lamont Hill still has a job at Temple University

  1. Hill’s still writing love letter to his butt-buddy Mumia in prison. They should be roomies; do us all a favor.

  2. Affirmative Action AND Tenure!

    Iron-clad combination.

    The guy at NYCC who claimed that winged, flying negroes built the Pyramids of Egypt kept his position – the physical impossibilities notwithstanding.

    The velocity of our fall into the abyss is actually increasing – it doesn’t just seem so – we’ll eventually reach a terminal velocity.

    Negroes are sacrosanct – as are mexicans, moslems, and perverts – though some are more sacrosanct that others, depending on the situation.

    Look at it this way: the guy would starve to death if he had to do something (anything) useful.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “boycotting Israel to support and “free” Palestine.”
    Like Philly and Pittsburgh would not be better places to start with if this ungrateful entitlement jackass could comprehend. Than go live in Palestine,,

  4. Temple University should fire this angry, hate filled human being, but the sissies that run these brain washing institutions do not have the guts, backbone or balls to do what is right. It is a shame what these overpriced re-education camps have became !!!!


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