Mark Levin Hammers FNC’s Ed Henry over Allegation of Trump ‘Illegal’ Behavior During Call with Ukraine President


Conservative radio host Mark Levin, the author of “Unfreedom of the Press,” defended President Donald Trump against a whistleblower complaint on Sunday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

The interview got heated when co-Host Ed Henry asked if Trump did anything “illegal” during his call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Levin responded, “What crime was violated? It’s not illegal. The question is whether Biden did something illegal. The president didn’t do anything illegal. You know how I know? Because Nancy Pelosi’s been on every tv show and she can’t cite one section of the United States code where it’s illegal. My question is, why is Joe Biden above the law? Why is his son above the law? Where is Hunter Biden today? Where is the media? Don’t they want to know? Don’t they want to know if the leading contender for the Democrat nomination is a crook and if his son is a crook?”

Henry said, “I’m asking you are you OK with a president asking his counterpart — this is a simply yes or no —to dig up dirt on former vice president Joe Biden and his son? Are you OK with that?”

Levin shot back, “First of all, your question is not honest. So I don’t give yes or no.”

Henry interjected, “That’s a quote from the transcript, sir.”

Levis said, “Let me finish. You have all morning. I have two minutes. It’s not an honest question. Show me in the transcript where the president said that … nowhere.” Go see.

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  1. I heard Levin torched him. Ed and his buddy Shemp are 2 of the many reasons that I quit fox.
    Didn’t good old Ed cheat on his wife?

  2. I still don’t understand why our side is not standing behind the treaty that Bill Clinton signed with The Ukraine committing each country to support the investigative and law enforcement activities in each country. Why the hell is that not happening?

  3. You go Mark! And he voted for and backed Trump after the primary 2016, so stop the hating. Levin is an asset.

  4. Ed Henry sometimes sounds like an Accosta TeeVee gotcha asshole.
    “. . . to dig up dirt”
    He had to add, inflect and enhance the question that way.
    Chris Wallace wannabee.
    Then he tried to cover it up by acting all defensive.
    It was worth a chuckle, that’s about it.

  5. Stephan Miller did a good job today as well. Chris (douche nozzle) Wallace was not pleased with what he viewed as a lack of cooperation.

  6. That “dig up dirt” reference is to Schiff’s “parody”, not the actual transcript. Either Henry doesn’t keep up with the truth or doesn’t care to.

  7. Joe6 — Wallace is so outclassed and outgunned by Miller. I honestly don’t understand why Wallace puts his neck on the block by having him on his show. The only way Wallace has to defend himself against him is to change the subject — which he does ALL the time. Putz.

    Meerkat — As with EVERY #NeverTrump (former or otherwise), I am always circumspect as to their motives. That’s not hating. I frequently wonder how it is that Levin and others completely missed what millions saw in Trump, yes I do. Levin had an enormous platform and if he hadn’t gone so scorched earth on candidate Trump, he would have been a much bigger help post-primary and pre-election, but because of his prior #NeverTrump position, he lacked credibility as a Trump supporter and by then Trump’s supporters had stopped listening to him. It’s too bad. I’ve never heard Levin discuss whether or not he’s ever changed his mind about Trump and why or why not.

  8. @ Meerhat – I agree but hating might not be the right word. Levin is brilliant and the POTUS is a very lucky man to have him in his corner.

    @ AA – I disagree.

    Love our President and have been listening to ‘F Lee’ Levin,nod to Rush, since his first show on a Sunday night on 770AM right around when Drudge, believe it or not, had a RADIO show for a brief time. That was about twenty years ago.

    SO WHAT, he supported ‘Ted Lynin Cruz’, so did I.

    What did I miss? I have lived in the DJT NYC environment my entire life and never once watch his shows.

    Yet I love the guy.

  9. @ghost — Disagree away, friend, but Levin lost his ever-lovin’ mind in 2016. At one point he vowed to turn Trump’s high profile supporters against him and that he would do everything in his power to turn Trump’s MAGA hat-wearing, blue collars against him, too. That part I could sincerely never understand. Levin went Glen Beck over Cruz. What had he missed? Anyone who has ever been to a Trump rally would be puzzled by such a question.

  10. It’s undeniable that Levin was not in Trump’s corner during the primaries. He grudgingly voted for him as President. Now he has seen for his own eyes that TRUMP is the patriot we haven’t had as President for decades, and he appears to be strongly in his corner. One thing that I love about Levin is the quality of his voice! He has a voice that is crystal clear and is unmistakable. I’ve had times that I absolutely disliked him, right now I see him as an ally worth having.

  11. “The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it … It sounds horrible to me.”

    that’s it! … that’s all Trump mentioned about Biden (or his son) in the whole transcript … no quid pro quo, no reciprocity, just a request for cooperation w/ the Attorney General

    everything else, everything else is just a load of bullcrap … like the smell of Ed Henry

    P.S. unlike Beck, Levin has by his vociferous support, atoned for his sins … my .02

  12. I look at accomplishments, loy-ya, author, radio talk show cable talk show (don’t really watch btw) and Levin has them all.

    @Abigal Adams – with much respect, the freakin’ guy is a bulwark in a battle against the left and yes a rampart, redoubt and a battery (a line of cannons) in the New Civy 2.0 ‘RAW’…we need hardcore in THEIR face.

    We are NOT talking about a Never Trumper like Benny Shapiro for instance. Levin uses his mic and that power to defend OUR great POTUS.

    Let’s agree to disagree bout’ this one…

  13. Actually looked at the vid after I posted and I feel even MORE emboldened about The Great One’s position.

    I really find it hard and somewhat disillusioned as to why people don’t like Levin??

  14. It is, sorry, quite ignorant to think that a voice like Mark Levin is anything but good for the New patriot cause.

    Get over yourselves. All of ya’s.

  15. Again FOR EMPHASIS Fox is and has ben a liberal “news” outlet. When Congress was debating making RomneyCare national 2/09 the 2 far left outlets(CNN , FOX) both ginned up bogus polls saying 90% of Americans wanted Romneycare. Fox had Mitt on 3 times a day 7 days a week; and rebroadcast his lies 50 times a week. For 3 months. Fox is smarter, 2/10 a month before the people got to vote, the said the election would be close. The results were 3 of 4 voters wanted RomneyCare DEAD . 75% of Americans voting were hard against RomneyCare.

    The the progressive Ryan has been on their board many months should have been no shock to anyone paying attention. As Barry said in his book 58 years ago there have been conservative hating liberals in the “leadership” of the GOP since end of 19th century.

  16. Levin has admitted he was wrong about Trump. Now he defends him like no other. Levin was also first in calling out Napolitano for spouting incorrect statements about Constitutional matters.
    I loved Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth and their reactions.


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